Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Flight to Spain :)

The day has finally come!

Super awesome new clothes, check!
Clothes for Patty, check!
Camera gear, lenses, battery, chargers, check!
Money, check!
Surprises for Patty, Double check!
Last minute washing of the shoes, check!

(on a side note…. I have a confession to my roommate Christian…. I kinda sorta had no way to dry the shoes because it sounded like a bomb was hitting the second I put them in the dryer with all the tossing…. So I …. Had no choice but to throw them in the oven to bake-dry…. I’m sorry!! But I had to! They were clean and ended up dry on a good note haha J… )

Deodorant in Backpack and not luggage, check! (Bad past experience)
Toothbrush, check!
Officially freaking out because I’m leaving to Madrid Spain, Triple check!

After having everything ready to go I flew out of my place with my super thoughtful friend, Lacey, who was so thoughtful to have taken me to the airport along with everything I needed to create an amazing trip with Miss Patty V!

From Orlando International airport (MCO) I waited for my flight to Philadelphia, PA where I would wait to transfer to a flight from there to Madrid.

Following my flight to PA, I had approximately 20 minutes to find my next gate to Spain. After eating a slice of Pizza…. More like inhaling a slice of Pizza, I rushed to my gate literally 3 minutes before they called my zone to board! So crazyyyy

While on this new plane, I realized that it could probably eat my first plane for a snack with its massive size in comparison. After getting settled in I was suppose to sleep, only to wake up to food that was given to us until the announcement was made…

“Complimentary movies, and TV shows, and are available” sayyyy whatttt?? Yea so, Rise of the Planet of the Apes -later I passed out barely being that it wasn’t ideally comfortable on this plane, but I’m not complaining because I’m actually getting to Madrid by 6:30am instead of 7 am which is a 5 hours difference for back in Florida

and now that I think of it…. its actually 1 am over there right now and I’m writing this Blog now, oh goodness it will definitely be a long day, but with me getting a couple hours of rest and some coffee I think I’ll make it, I mean it’s Spain! ;)

Once I get Internet I will be posting this but till then, I just got the notice that we are descending right now!! Wooohooo!! Patty I’m here!

Happy Wednesday! 

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