Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Name Tag

After the Shenanigans of the first few days in our new apartment, we attempted to recover from all the dancing, lack of sleep and "comfy" beds (the beds are NOT COMFORTABLE) but it made me sit and realize that:

"we have to go out, hangout, eat, drive, swim, go on adventures, go grocery shopping, and enjoy each others company as much as we can before it all starts.....because when we all start working, some of us will have polar opposite schedules and from that point on it will be almost impossible for ALL of us to have the same time off together"

.......okay, okay, okay maybe I didn't memorize those lines, BUT I did repeat something similar to that all the time to everyone because it's true. All of us will have different schedules and with working at different parks, it's extremely hard to get everyone together again.

and with that being said, the day had arrived. 
The day EVERYONE waits for and the anticipation is finally met. 


What is Traditions? Traditions is essentially the "Welcome to the Walt Disney Company" where you learn about the history, present day and future of the Company. Magic, pixie dust and eye opening realities are placed upon everyone to REALLY get everyone pumped for the next 5 months of "show".... or in the real world: work and lots of it.

But with all presentations and open armed welcomes, we are also given very special things that are essentially our "it's official" key to the next five months. 

our name tag 

Something so simple, can make a huge impact on someone because its that name tag that separates majority of us from the rest of the world, because not everyone has this name tag. It's a symbol of being "official" at creating magic for a company, but with great power always comes great responsibility. 

and its NOW time for all of us to take responsibility in having FUN for the next five months...... 

Disney Style

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"I recognize you from your vlogs"

After the many adventures I already had with amazing people doing the Disney College Program, I must say..... I'm already tired.

tired from what? tired from going out, running around, photo adventures and dancing my life away! I'm still trying to hang in there because I know once work starts, it's all down hill from there on.

After pulling up to Chris's hotel room I start to get my bags out and what do I hear?

random girl- "Hey I'm sorry, but are you doing the college program?"

Me- "ummm yes?" 

random girl- "are you arriving wednesday? I think I know you from facbook, I saw your vlogs!"

ME- "O.o (my facial expression <<---) REALLY? thanks for checking it out! that means A LOT"

2 minutes later

Jenna- "and you're trying to say no one knows you? your famous and you know it" 

Me- ".....whatever" 
After all the shenanigans of the first few days of me being in Orlando I got to FINALLY meet with Chris, Lindsay, Ainsley, Danielle, Hayley, Juliette, Nick, Maria, Sarah, Adam, Kristy, Hannah, Kelsey, Brian, Nick and some old time friends who NEVER change like Christian, Lacey and Mikael with a "k":)

So what do we do? what any other awesome group of people do, we take pictures, eat, have fun before check in to calm the nerves and dance our lives away!

After the adventures prior to check in we slept.... for like 2 hours and then we made our way out in the night... or morning... for check in and what do we find? a group of like 50+ people already waiting (ya crazies!!!!) and after the long hall of waiting, we made it to our amazing apartment in vista way on the 3rd floor aka vaulted ceilings, and as a celebratory measure we go to a paint party with our very good friend Mr. Will the photographer and Shannon Lora to fully:

Let the ̶Me̶m̶o̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ Shenanigans Begin

Monday, August 20, 2012

The not-so-awkward meet up

SO no mater how much I remember how the program fell through my first time around, I still manage to procrastinate blogging, vlogging and editing photos.

I PROMISE I don't mean to do it, I just find my self always busy! Now I could get into detail about the last few days from staying at pop century, spending time with Jenna, and Brandie, Kiry, Frankie, Julie, Ya Ya, Ainsley and Miranda and going to the parks before check in along with House of Blues for my FIRST TIME EVER (and it was AWESOME), but I decided pictures are awesome too especially with awesome friends who impressed me with no awkward moments (except when miranda says "awkward")

Cheers to new adventures, new photos, new friends, amazing experiences, the Disney College Program, and new memories <3

P.S. Earl of Sand-which is HEAVEN

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Tip of the Iceberg

freakout, meltdown, anxious..... vomiting (JOKING)

was just about everything I was feeling yesterday, but I still managed to get on my flight. I'm still in a little bit of disbelief that it's all begun, that after over 6 months of waiting, my journey is right in front of me. Some veterans to the Disney college program know what I'm talking about when I say:

"I want the program to start already.... but at the same time I don't because I know it'll be over in the blink of an eye"

and its true. The wait felt like a blur almost. I remember being in the triple digits and now I'm in florida relaxing till I check in on wednesday.

In the end its NEVER goodbyes, but always see you later's. I'll see my family, and friends back home soon enough, but for now my new journey begins in just a couple days with all my friends who I FINALLY GET TO MEET IN PERSON and I have miss Jenna Cambio to thank me for that because if it wasn't for her I'd still be at the airport waiting for some pixie dust to take me to Disney.

Thanks Jenna, I owe you one now, and glad we didn't have an awkward first "OMG IT'S YOU" :)

Here's a few pics from yesterday as I FINALLY reach the tip of the iceberg before the new journey begins...... and fyi, THANK YOU Southwest for being a little late because I was able to take this amazing sunset picture :')