Wednesday, August 21, 2013


60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and in less than one week..... one week, My Small moments from the last year of my life has reached 1,000 views already!

Now I know that 1,000 doesn't seem like a lot to the head YouTuber accounts with multiple videos over one million views. But the amount of positive feedback I got from the few amazing people I call my friends and family makes up for the views entirely..... 


Speechless is how I feel from not only the feedback from my friends and family, but what I didn't expect to receive was a message in box full of people I've never met before in my life and that's what I realized...

 even if we haven't crossed paths during the last year, for you to take the time to watch my video, leave me a message or comment I find you included in the people to thank along with my family and friends

 I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you again soon, but till then lets keep planning these reunions, aye? ;) 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rebel Photographer

Shocked doesn't even begin to describe the number of responses I received after my post yesterday regarding friends who wanted to be apart of my Disney College Program Movie/Video.... over 30 responses and already over 15 videos submitted I'm thrilled to see what the outcome is by the end of the night, but till then I decided to take a break and I realized ...

As Summer is coming to a fast end, I couldn't resist going to one last music festival to complete my summer and begin preparing for the school year to begin..... but this wasn't just any music festival....

Summerset Music Festival

Located at Somerset, WI (clever fest name, ey, ey?) I found myself becoming a little bit of a sneak with my photography.... you see in an effort to start developing more of a portfolio and journalistic exprience I attempted to sneak my "professional camera" as they state is not allowed onto the festival grounds over the three days....

After feeling out the security over the previous two days I finally decided to become a rebel and  bring it in! It isn't like I was trying to sneak in drugs, weapons and anything to threaten someones life, all I wanted to do was take a few pictures for my own records, not to sell or make money with. my intentions were simply to begin a more professional portfolio rather than photos with my GoPro and iPhone :) the outcome was none the less beautiful and I don't regret it one bit :)

would I do it again? 

if I get past the anxiety of getting caught maybe... but whats the worst that could happen? they tell you to put your camera away in your car, and/or ask to delete the photos you took at the venue ;)

well! breaks over, back to work on my DCP video :)

let me know what you guys think!