Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponchos and Venice Beach

 *Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

 The night before heading off to Venice Beach we made way to eat pizza, but not just any pizza, CHORIZO pizza :) I can safely say it was NOM NOM NOM.

During the few minutes we were waiting for our delicious pizza to come though, we were talking about the adventures we've had so far and predicting the events to come and then it happened

Sara- "guys, I think I have Strep Throat......"
Kara- "ew, stay away from me, I'm not trying to get that shit"
Me- "crap, and we're splitting a pizza....ok, just no double dipping cool?"

anddddd we kept the night going because even if Sara was sick, I'm not gonna let that stop me from having a good time. just gotta remember its Spring break! stay positive :)

moving on to the delicious pizza, or atleast what was left of it.......

Me- "Megan, pretty sure you ate more than me"
Megan- "no, this is like my 4th slice"
Me- "I just finished my third slice -_- fatty"

Sara-  (in the strongest mono tone voice I have ever heard in my entire life) "I.ate.a.lotttttttttt.................."

Trying my hardest to resist pizza from coming out my nose, megan and I were dying laughing so hard with the random comment and the extremely strong mono tone voice :)

Thank you Sara for sealing the night :)

Before passing out at the hotel we all decided to take some Vitamin C just in case with one of our crew members potentially sick, but of course Kara makes her move.

Me- "are you sure you want to take that much Vitamin C? it could get you sick..."
Kara- "oh no its fine! I do this ALL the time you guys" *as she swallows hand full of pills*
Me- "ok, whatever you say"

Morning swings around
"guys I feel sick...... *vomitttttttttt*"

wonder who that was?

Sara- "morning guys, I feel a lot better"

Kara- "guys I feel sick.... it was the vitamin C..... I took more in the middle of the night..."
Me- ".....and you do this all the time? yea....OKAYYY"

So sadly we had to have an adventure without Kara for the day at Venice Beach, but on the plus note, Sara turned out NOT to have Strep Throat! woohoo! :)

so here's a few from the day AND I got a Poncho at venice beach! ;)

conclusion about venice beach?? 

1. the Ponchos are amazing there
2. the sky is AMAZINGLY BLUE
5. take me back, PLEASE 

happy saturday!!! 

time to get cray!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Los Angeles and Chili Cheeseburgers

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

After leaving in the morning on what seemed like a surreal night filled with crazyness, we headed towards  Los Angeles where the smog exist and the famous Tommy's chili cheeseburger's are devoured.

(is it just me or do I write a lot about food?)

After checking into our hotel we made way to Tommy's since its "hella" good, but of course our group has people who are questionable towards new food. 

*Kara!* *cough cough*

Kara- "Ew that looks gross"
*megan swiping fries over chili*
Megan- "here! try that!"
Kara- "ok! I'm getting one"

sometimes all it takes is one french fry to really rock your world ;)

anyways you probably wanna know if it was good or not?


no point in taking a picture of what was left because there wasn't anything to show except for the wax paper, but it's spring break right? 

After our amazing chili and cheeseburger combo, we waddled around L.A. to attempt to work off what we ate and like a kid in a candy store we walked down the hollywood walk of fame taking pictures!!!

All of it was hella fun, cool, and epic to see, but I was determined at all cost to find one star out there that was different from the rest. For if it wasn't for this star's small idea of creating "the happiest place in the world" then I wouldn't have been so fortunate as to go to Florida for 5 months out of my life to experience a once in a life time trip. If it wasn't for this man then I wouldn't have taken a risk that manifested into the idea that if I put my mind to it, I can truly follow my dream and travel the world. 

and then it happened. I found him. 

Thank you Walt, for the last few years of my life. cheers to keep it up for years to come! 

Following our walk of fame adventure we made way to the Hollywood sign after being forced into pillow talk by four girls about all the ups and downs that we've experienced so far and to say the least it was.... interesting? 

Can't say that I've ever had a pillow talk and it was definitely an experience to say the least, but on the realz I definitely felt like we not necessarily bonded, but got to know these Cali natives on a new level which is always a plus! :D

and THEN we get up the hill and BAM smack you in the face with a view of L.A. and the Hollywood sign. not exactly the distance I would have liked to be from it, BUT who cares it was my first time seeing it in real life! 

my pillow talking, road adventure, swag surfin spring break 2012 crew :) 

and on that note we finished the night with Chorizo Pizaa (NOM NOM NOM) and knocked out because in morning we'd be going to Venice Beach!! 

Happy Friday!! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Santa Barbara

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

After safely surviving Megan's Divaness from our drive home due to reasons I will not disclose (a.k.a. that time of the month) we got ready for our St. Patty's day fiesta !!

Conclusions of the night? Meeting a ton of guys and girls (more so girls since megan is in a sorority) is not only difficult during the day when your in a certain state of mind, but outrageously hard when you're NOT drunk/intoxicated but "having a good time" as Megan would say due to guidelines of sorority life

Did I have fun? YES

Did I wake up Pants-less in Taylor's bed? No, thankfully not this time haha

In the morning I forced my self to run one last time before the true road trip/ adventure began so that I can clear my system out with all the nasty-ness from the previous night. After working out and finishing the whole tedious routine of packing, showering, shaving, etc. we made our way across the street to eat our late breakfast as we waited for our last crew member for the road trip.

Who was part of this road trip you may ask? The trip consisted of Megan, Taylor, Kara, Sara and myself.

Was everyone apart of this group other than me a girl? Yes.

Did I have a problem with that? at first no (what guy would?) but after 6+ hours of driving with girls, the estrogen levels sky rocket in a guy having been forced to listen to girl music, girl talk, and girl things.

but I survived right?

Any who, the road trip after setting sail consisted of blasting music, sight seeing and of course pictures!!

After finally leaving what seemed like a valley that Sacramento is located in, we broke free and I began to notice something. Flatland was slowing turning into hills, hills were slowly growing bigger and bigger until we finally saw mountains!! and for me it was a cool thing to see all of this for obvious reasons being that I'm from out of town ;)

 After the many hours of driving we finally reached our first destination: Santa Barbara.

caught somewhere between the fine line of hunger and starvation again, the girls and I looked for some good places around downtown Santa Barbara to max out and we came to the conclusion that we would all eat at the China Pavilion! 

Now being a server back home I'd say I'm pretty easy going when it comes to a menu and if I'm THAT stumped worse case scenario? I ask whoever my server is: "what do you recommend off the menu" and that's about it. 

NEVER have I EVER met someone as picky before in my entire life other than Kara Reano. 

"Where's are server?" 
"I'm starving?"
"How much is this?"
"Ok if our server doesn't show in two seconds, they're not getting a tip from me"
"Is this Spicy?" ("sorry I gotta know so I don't have the shits")
"I'm so sorry I don't like this at all, it's too spicy, can you take it off the bill?"
"It's so dark in here"
"I need more water"
"omg guys, he probably hates me"

...... Kara I'm sorry but If I was our server, pretty sure I'd hate you for real. Also pretty sure I'd be tempted to spit in your meal too :P

Other than that fiasco of a show I PERSONALLY enjoyed the food a lot, and would recommend check it out if you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara :) 

After dinner we made our way to UCSB or University of California Santa Barbara to meet up with a couple of Taylor's friends since we were crashing there for the night. After throwing our stuff around at Raj and Aaron's apartment we found ourselves meeting up with "Mary Jane" and to say the least, she definitely knows how to throw a party to remember when on spring break. 

As the night progressed we took a educational class with the natives of UCSB. What I learned about the area is that its mainly college kids. So for one: college kids + California + college life + Pacific Ocean literally blocks away = constant eventful nights.

I also learned that rain or shine there's always something happening there and on a night like ours, it was deemed "slow" due to finals and the inclement weather. All in all, that night was one of the most memorable nights I have ever had in my life and I'll always remember it thanks to my hella cool friends on this great start to an epic trip.

waking up to this in the morning before we set off to L.A. was ok in my book :P

urban dictionary it if you want ;)

and with the start to a great morning we headed off to L.A. to continue this epic road trip 

Happy thirsty thursday! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

San Francisco Part 3

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

In the dictionary, hunger is "a compelling need or desire for food" while starving is "to be in the process of perishing or suffering from hunger" and while my time in San Francisco was off to a great start with taco trucks, the BART and pier 39, my stomach was definitely telling me that I was caught somewhere in the middle of desire and suffering for food. Sooooooo we ate, and what better location to eat sea food then around the coast to the Pacific Ocean!!

Letting Megan decide where to eat was fine with me since she said "I came here before with my family and it was hella good!" until it turned out to be a little bit of a bittersweet situation

1. Because it turned out I'd be paying for this meal 

2. It included the smallest and most expensive bowl of clam chowder I have ever had in my life

3. there was a really super cool view from where we were eating

4. It was really good clam chowder (dam you oyster crackers...)

Moving on to the main meal was the most amazing Crab I have ever had in my life and it's a little ironic and odd that I happened to have stumbled upon this famous Dungeness Crab when I had just talked to one of my regulars at work regarding it!!

"Since you're going to California, if you get the opportunity to try Dungeness Crab while you're out there get it!! It is simply one of the best types of Crab you can eat in your life and it's only found in Dungeness Washington, that's where they live."

He also mentioned the price as well.... but we wont go there either haha ;) all in all I figured I tried something new while on vacation and it was SO worth it :) Dungeness Crab will forever have a spot in my heart

Thank you Fishermen's Grotto for you're amazing view and amazing food

following our border line food coma meal, we headed out to this vintage arcade right outside the restaurant where apparently princess Diaries was filmed from what megan said (fun fact of the day!)

so we ventured through this time machine or an arcade stepping back in time playing these old games that didn't except tokens, or tickets, or plastic cards that were reloadable with money. the games simply accepted quarters for either a short game with no prizes, or a little one minute long showing for you that was entertaining for all who watched 


After coming back to reality and returning to the present day we began walking, walking some more, riding a bus, transferring to another bus, transferring to yet another bus, until we FINALLY made it to the main reason I wanted to come to San Francisco. 

The Golden Gate Bridge 

YES ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to go all the way to San Francisco just so I can take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Was I upset that the weather stunk? at first I was, but I got over it after letting it sink in that I do NOT get to see this everyday.....even if I didn't get to see ALL of it since it was so darn foggy. Excuse to come back? I think yes :)

But Megan and I still rocked it out and had tons of fun even if she did kill the mood when she had to go to the bathroom ;)

Following our awesome trip to San Francisco we made it home ready to celebrate our accomplishments of everything with a small..."get together"

and on top of that we got ready for our next adventure, the BIG adventure that took place the next day ;)

Happy Wednesday Peeps! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

San Francisco Part 2

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

Me- "the map says we should be in San Francisco in 2 hours"

Megan- "yea if you're driving like a Granny"

yea... it was one of THOSE drives....

needless to say we made it alive and well (thank god) and let the photo exploring begin! After making our way to Megan's Parents place to say "herrrooo" to her pet dog and cats we worked up a appetite from the drive and what did we come across you may ask?? MY VERY FIRST TACO TRUCK!! So of COURSE I maxed out with some deliciousness and moved on to San Francisco riding the BART (train system) for my first time too! :)

After getting off the BART we walked down the street to get to Pier 39! While walking, I was admiring the trollies, trains, buses, and essentially every form of public transportation since It felt like I was stepping back in time with how vintage everything looked. 

The idea that all of this still existed along side with the modern San Fran 2012 was "hella" cool to see and practicing the word "hella" without sounding like I was from out of town was a challenge along the way haha ;)

Following the walk we finally got to Pier 39 after stopping every 2 seconds to take pictures, BUT I DON'T CARE if I looked like a little kid at a candy store, it was so cool and I wanted to take picturessss!

Any-who, Pier 39 consisted of an alarmingly large group of Tourist, a strong scent for salt water, roars from Sea Lions, future husbands for Taylor since she's into guys with dreadlocks AND the left hand store where I got my first left handed note book ;)

Strangest part about Pier 39? 

The fact that the craziest, creepiest, eerie Island Prison known as Alcatraz was within sight from pier 39 and people were taking pictures around it like it was no big deal.

 I'll admit that I was one of those few who did take pics by it, but I still found it to be so weird it was so close and that it was notorious for prisoners escaping right next to a tourist attractions as big as that Pier.... 

Following the Pier we headed off to continue our adventure through out San Francisco!

but until tomorrow, happy tuesday folks! :)