Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Halloween puzzle

After having a regular day at school I was questioning myself  "why do I feel so weird today?? It's Halloween but that's it"

and after picking up doughnuts for my photo project (don't ask) from Dunkin and getting spoiled with a 1/2 dozen extra because of the lack of trick er' treaters who didn't show because of the rain, it clicked in my head!!

During this time for the last four years I haven't been home....

Fall 2009- Illinois state university freshman year
Fall 2010- First Disney Internship
Fall 2011- living in Florida trying to make it big
Fall 2012- Second Disney Internship

its been FOUR YEARS since I've been home..... So I decided I can do one Halloween laid back with the family.... eating resisting doughnuts ;) 

especially if I'm dressing up for EDC in almost exactly ONE WEEK

Happy Halloween Everyone!! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Patrick the 2 year-old

Waking up early last Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to photograph this little stud by the name of Patrick Trendel :D

Now the thing about patrick that he's not your typical two year old. See when I first met the little guy I found that he wasn't  shy at all from his stylish out fit to his outgoing smile and curiosity to whatever was in front of him! including me! :)

Christine- "say hello to Ethan, Patrick!"

Patrick- *smiling from ear to ear*

Ethan- "good morning Patrick! you're awfully happy this morning!"

and sure enough, the smiles turned into laughs and adventures throughout the forest in search of deer and coming across a parade of ducks throughout the morning sunrise. We had a blast together with him and his awesome parents and I truly can't wait to take pictures of them all again!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The funny thing about reality

Through out the month of October I've been fortunate enough to see one of my favorite dance music artists, Kaskade while still maintaining my full time status as a student and server position, but I still feel like I'm slacking... with everything.

with midterms finishing up, I'm barely hanging on to all straight A's which is border line surprising considering I haven't been in school for over a year (June 2012) and I have a tendency to always go slow motion the first semester of school with the hope of summer coming faster, but on the flip side I realized that all of my classes are tied together. Accounting, Statistics, Marketing and my digital photography courses are all tied together in one way or another and that's what makes everything so interesting for me.

I often question the realities of life and whether or not things are "meant to happen" as if to say everything happens for a reason. There are often theories about life from reputable people I don't know, nor do they know me about life and it makes me question a lot.

had I taken different courses through out high school would I be where I'm at today? if I never did an internship with the Walt Disney Company would I be where I'm at today? would I have a different mind set about everything or still be as open minded as I am today?

Growing up I realized I was different from most kids, struggling to fit in prior to high school, but finding peace whenever I played a game or went on a run through the forest or later fell in love with electronic dance music. During that time I left reality, nothing else mattered to me but the next button I pressed, the next step I took, or the next stage I wanted to dance at.

the funny thing about reality is that it changes constantly, its inevitable to experience new things, but some people experience it more frequently than others. Some people live in the same town working the same job for years, fearing the world outside of their reality or they feel limited to what they can experience, and others prioritize their life to allow their realities to change constantly knowing that life is too precious to waste.

All of my experiences have led me to where I am today and whether or not its inevitable to find myself where I am currently....... I'm happy, I'm learning, I'm open minded to all the goods and the bads the world has to offer, and I'm done going through the motions.

It's really time to put forth an effort, because lifes to short to go through the motions.

and at the end of the day we're all "Freaks in the Atmosphere" and I have to thank my immediate and extended family for showing me this over the years.

with that being said it's time to start writing more and preparing for the next adventure(s) in my life. 

peace and love everyone ^_^ 

p.s. totally found out that kaskade used my flag in his Chicago Atmosphere tour video after my picture was taken with my friends at the beginning of the month check it out if you can at 1:09!!

 Can't wait to see him again in almost 1 week under the electric sky with my extended family! :')

Friday, October 4, 2013

Drum Roll Please!!

After busting my butt, studying for my accounting exam and coming to the conclusion my lack of knowledge for Debits and Credits is finally coming to a close; I went to my academic counselor to get an update on my transfer credits from the different schools I attended over the last few years and that's when I really sat down to think about everything I've done over the last few years. Upon graduating high school I went to Illinois State University for my first year in college, and not knowing what I wanted to accomplish I left the school to partake a journey with the mouse in fall of 2010. After flipping my life around, going to Valencia Community College, followed by DePaul University, and Finally Triton Community College and between all that doing another year long internship with the mouse, I found out 


*drum roll please* 

I only have to take one class next semester to meet the requirements and credit hours needed to transfer to Illinois State Universities School of Business Marketing !!!!! 

After holding back all the excitement from that news I realized one thing. 

wisdom isn't gained from the amount of years in your life, but rather the amount of life in the years of your existence. I am a true testament to that as I have been to several schools both in state, out of state, private and community. I have accomplished two years worth of internships with a fortune 100 company and upon figuring out my life, I finally found my pursuit of happiness. 

In the fall of 2014 I hope to attend Illinois State Universities Marketing Program and continue my road to success. 

So what did I due to celebrate? 

Booked my Flight to Orlando Florida, for my first reunion of friends under the Electric Sky