Saturday, November 12, 2011

Summary of Madrid, Spain: Part 1

After getting back to Spain with Patty, I napped... or took a Siesta as they call it there, which I can definitely get use to saying haha. I took a siesta though so Patty could finish her project with her roommate, Claire.

The next few days were filled with photo adventures, going to school with Patty, drinking sangria at school (yes, at school!), cuddling time, siesta time and fiesta time!

On one of our photo adventures we roamed the streets of Madrid and passed by this relatively old looking building that appeared hidden behind all these trees and bushes that kind of reminded me of Willy Wonkas Chocolate factory. "No way!! this is where the Spanish Gods are!" Patty was telling me. I was lost and thought it was a museum until she elaborated more. "This is where the spanish speaking language is developed and updated. This is where they add and take away words from the Spanish Dictionary that gets updated every so many years. think of this as like Chase Jarvis house in the photography world!"

That's when it hit me like a new Nikon 70-200 2.8! this place means A LOT to Patty and I could see it glowing through her smile and the excitement that was running through her!

At that moment I really did see how passionate she is about her degree in Spanish Education and how I 100% know she's happy about her decision, which makes me super proud of her :')


Following the nice stumble upon, we made our way through the amazing Parque del Retiro! everything from the people, street performers and pond, to the fall colored trees that made the place look beautiful all around was simply stunning to walk through! 

Finishing the day at the park before heading off to Patty's class was awesome, but when in Madrid the nights are just as long as the days.... if not longer and kicking of the night with some sangria at school and a short siesta at our hotel was the way to go;)

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