Sunday, July 27, 2014

EDC Las Vegas :: Electric Forest 2014

Several months ago I wrote this :

"In the realm of reality we see "the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them" according to the dictionary definition, but it's something that's constantly looked over and taken for granted everyday. The harsh realities of the world with starvation, wars, inequalities, nuclear weapons, natural disasters and death is what's truly holding the world back from a future that we can strive from. Very few people realize this and for those of us who do not acknowledge it, tend to "go through the motions" of life whether it's to become "successful" as a loosely tossed word or simply work until retirement and start a family, but there's a select group of us who want more out of life. We strive for experiences and adventures to create new memories in the hopes of eliminating all negativeness in the world to come together with Peace, love, Unity and Respect and taking responsibilities for our actions we over look from time to time.

So we choose to leave reality behind us, and celebrate life for what its brings us. we choose to cross the gates into a realm that's full of all those characteristics we choose to live on. Where the only worry in the world is "what stage do I go to next" or "what ride should I get in line for". A land that we loose sight of once we make the transition from childhood to adulthood."

After gazing at the memories I gained several months ago while journeying into EDC Orlando, I never thought it would be possible to have those same people carry me another half year from communicating through social media, and cell phones to visits through out the year all while planning our next adventure together, despite our separation with hundreds and thousands of miles between us....

The days left as quickly as they arrived as if to say we witnessed a blink of our life paused on this master screen of a movie. There wasn't a specific moment, instance, scene in this celebration of life, that caught my eye, because those days and nights that I spent with some of the most amazing people from around the world was all I needed to let my whole trip in general stick to my collective memory. The unison of hundreds of sights, sounds, personalities and feelings alike shared for several days. Something bigger than all of us as individuals.

As the years go by, the music, the trends and fashions will come and go, but the collective energy is what stitches it all together, it gives us hope. It gives us that silver lining we can all relate to because we're all connected. It inspires us to strive for more out of life and share that love with the real world to bring us all closer together for the years to come....

thanks again for the memories everyone, until next time this was one for the books!!

sooner than you think ;)