Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dancing Goof

When I was a kid, I use to hate dancing, I felt that everyone laugh at me or didn't want to dance with the "fat kid" (yes world, I use to be super pudgy, so judge me) and it was hard at times to deal with it.

Dancing is an art. its essentially expressing ones body to music to show a connection one has with its surroundings. Sometimes it's erotic, playful, silly, beautiful or mesmerizing, but all in all everyone dances.

Something as little as tapping your foot to a beat, or fully dancing a choreographed routine, everyone dances. Even after I lost my extra pudgy-ness, I started dancing. and you know what? I LOVED IT and after 5 months of waiting while working for the Walt Disney Company, I was FINALLY able to dance with Goofy at Stiches Tomorrowland Dance Party.

I mean come on guys, if there's anyone who could be the definition of embarrassing its Goofy when it comes to dancing, but somehow he just doesn't care.......and I respect this Goof for it

(Thanks Kenneth for helping me get this AMAZING picture of Goofy. he really appreciates it)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Memory Created

After getting (partially) settled into my new apartment, I quickly realized it was identical, from head to toe, to my old apartment back at Vista Way 1109... reminiscing on the memories of that crazy apartment allowed me to appreciate the family I had with me for 5 months and although some friends are gone and new friends are being made, I know that time isn't slowing down for anyone and what better way to celebrate the New Year/ Disney College Program, then to head to the parks with new memories just waiting to be captured.



 When thinking of memories, we think of "the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences" according to the dictionary definition.

As simple, yet complex memories are to people around the world, I was fortunate enough to help capture memories of Mickey mouse and his pals.

While making a surprise visit in Canada with some close friends of his, Mickey saw a Beautiful little girl who was dressed like Snow white. Excited to meet all of Mickeys Friends, this little girl was having the time of her life, conversing with every single character, making them feel just as special as the next. 

  As Mickey saw the magic across this little girls face, he couldn't help but surprise her with a very close friend of his. Anxiously curious this little girl, walked with mickey, closed her eyes, only to open her little eyes to none other than Snow White. 

Another day at the job right? 

....and another memory created :') 

P.s. Mickeys #1 not Donald. 

sorry not sorry.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Exhange :: The End

Through out this Disney College Program I've heard terms like "You're just full of pixie dust", and "you must be a CP" or my absolute favorite "See, that's why I don't make friends with CPs"

The Disney College Program is what YOU make of it, end of story. Everyone chooses their own paths to follow and while some may be similar in one way or another, most are different and unique in their own way.

This past week has been difficult and enlightening at the same time. From friends departing back to their home towns and finding the next chapters of their lives.... to people extending and new friendships beginning. But caught up in all the fuss I found myself at work one day saddened by eveyones leave only to hear someone whose full time say "That's why I don't make friends with CPs"

that's when I really took the time to sit down and think to myself what that really means...and this is what I came up with:

You mean to tell me that you don't want to culture yourself from people all over the world? you don't want to learn about peoples lives and someday visit them in their hometown? you don't want to create a bond with someone  that could change your life for the better in this short life we have? 

Life is full of decisions we make, some good, and some bad and everyone has their own preference as to how they go about their own lives based on their own previous encounters and how they were raised. 

I chose to be friends with as many CPs as I could. want to know why? because CPs are the ones who chose to do something different with their lives by making the DCP decision. and I would gladly Exchange a couple hours, days, weeks of sadness from peoples departure for 5 months of memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. 

I can't wait to visit you all, and cross paths again. 

and as my decision to extend my program continues while others End theirs, the Disney College Program Fall 2012 will always have a place in my heart..... and camera ;)

Let the Shenanigans continue where ever your life may take you


Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years around the World

"There will be a house EDM DJ in ITALY!!! with lasers"- Kiry

Clearly our lives surround music, and what better way to celebrate the new year then in Epcots World Showcase! Everything from drinks to amazing music and dancing, EVERYONE at Epcot was having the time of their lives. 
Now throughout the course of the night I was caught in a position of "Where's Waldo" learning that Kiry's phone died while we were trying to meet up at Epcot and although I'm always up for the challenge..... when you get close to an hour before its new years, you kinda wanna take a pass on the elementary school fun we found in looking for that crazy fellow.

After meeting with more friends throughout the course of the night randomly (but AMAZINGLY) we headed back to Italy for some more shenanigans and like something out of the movies, I found my bromance brotha from anotha motha, Kiry dancing away (surprise) in the pavilions concert set up :D

What better way to bring in the New Year then with friends who mean the world to you :') 

p.s. whats the first thing we did in 2013? headed back to Italy to dance some more of course ;) 

Cheers to the New Year and New possibilities!!