Friday, November 18, 2011

The Results

I knew that I would eventually have to talk about this since so many of my good friends and family members were apart of the help that made everything possible, so here we go.

On November 4th the voting for the Valencia's video contest ended. A notification would be sent out November 7th to the videos that were voted into the top 10.

On November 7th, one day after getting back from Paris with Patty, we made our way over to Yessica's house (Patty's friend) to pick up the Luggage I didn't bring with on the Trip. When we got there Patty asked if I could use Yessica's laptop to check and see if I made it to the finals.

After logging in I kinda rushed to get to the Valencia homepage and to set a dramatic scene (because this was a huge thing happening!) ..... I took in a deep breath and clicked.

"Congratulations to the top 10 finalist!"

the list consisted of 10 names, names that were familiar in the sense that I saw them through out the voting period, but after reading the list I learned that my name was no where to be found... my name was gone, my video was gone, taken off the website since I didn't make it to the finals....

At first I didn't know how to react, whether to beat myself up about it, that I could've tried harder, or thinking to myself "what if it was just one vote away?"

Patty comforting me, hugging me and telling me that she's proud of me regardless of the results brought me at ease and I ultimately didn't let the results effect the duration of my trip...

On November 15th the top five winners were selected. I was indifferent about the situation, because I knew that regardless of who won it didn't matter to me since I didn't even make it to the finals....But after much deliberation about the whole situation I can safely say that I am happy without a doubt.

I am happy that I created a video to enter in that scholarship and I am happy that I gave it my all, from putting it together, to promoting the video on a daily basis.

To all my friends and family who helped support me throughout the whole experience, thank you so much. I definitely learned a lot over the last few weeks and like the old saying goes, "when one door closes, another one opens" always.

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