Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food and Wine festival and randomness

Before fully finishing my video entry for the contest I entered at Valencia, a group of friends and I went around the world at Epcot's Food and wine festival sampling loads of new foods ranging from South Korea's lettuce wraps to Belgium's out of this world waffles! 

Along with the Food and Wine Festival I was fortunately able to capture a couple photos of the guy who assisted me in the making of my video entry. JP is an amazing video editor and voice recorder. with his skills and my idea for the contest, we joined forces to create something we are both very proud of. Once again JP I thank you for all the help! 

Last night I was invited by a group of my Australian and New Zealand friends to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out and have a few drinks and just enjoy the night before this weekend full of work approaches, because in just a short 5 days I will officially be on a flight to Madrid Spain, to be with my amazing Girlfriend Patty :) but till then I must work, and get ahead in some school work so that I don't fall behind in class. 

and that is it for the randomness of the past week and some change, not too exciting but its always the silence before the storm right? and by storm, I mean amazing trip for 10 whole days! <3

Night everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Finished Story

After staying awake for more than 24 hours and finishing my entry for Valencia video contest, I am beyond tired.... The experience of putting together this short video that shows a brief summary of my life was very powerful and meaningful to me. I have to really thank my good friend JP who assisted me in the recording and editing of this video, had it not been for him I wouldn't have been able to finish the video as quickly as we did....

Here's the link to the video: BAM !!  please assist me in making it to the finals by voting for my video between Oct. 24-Nov 4 through Valencia, simply by writing a comment and liking the video

 I hope you all like it because I definitely put my heart and soul into it

wish me luck and thank god its friday!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Share your story, win free tuition

With the busy work and school week passing, I was finally able to take the first step in the ultimate scholarship....

*rewinding a couple weeks ago* I started seeing a lot of ads around valencia as well as on valencias home site about this scholarship where all you have to do is upload a video explaining why I want to go to college and why valencia. If am one of the top 5 winners then I get the rest of my tuition paid for!

and the best part is that it doesn't matter if you in state or an out of state tuition student, your schooling will be paid for!

So I broke down what I want to do into 3 steps given the guidelines that Valencia has come up with.

first being that I write out what will be said
second have the video segments recorded
and lastly join the two together in post production

With today being my first off day in 5 days I was more then motivated to finish the first step and after two drafts of writing, it's complete! By the end of the week I'm hoping everything is done, God willing

But till then Christian and I are having people over for a night of festivities! time to celebrate the one life we have : )

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A long awaited email

This past weekend was.... interesting to say the least. It was full of work, work, school work, oh and more work. With all the chaos of working so much this past weekend I was crunched for time when it came to finishing an online test due yesterday at midnight, and a paper due today and with only 3 hours of sleep last night I was able to finish all my work, hooray!

On more of a personal note, this past weekend I had received two emails from disney regarding my application informing me that I am still on the waiting list but that if I am still interested in working for the company, "heck yea!!!!" I was thinking... but I didnt think it was very appropriate so I simply just updated the date that I was still interested.... I just found it to be weird I got two emails asking the same thing in less then a week.... hmmmm.... Im not gonna over think it, just keep swimming (insert Dory voice)

Lastly I check my email once I get home from school and I had received this email with the subject being "congratulations" from disney!? so of course I click it because I thought I got the job!!! but no... Instead it read this: 


Disney has requested that I contact you directly about a photo called “Eva getting her first Mickey Bar”   that you had submitted through the Let the Memories Begin campaign website.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Lynda Yoon , the Acquisitions Manager for Fishbowl Worldwide Media. My company is working in conjunction with The Walt Disney Parks & Resorts to find very unique videos and photos for a marketing campaign Disney is calling “Let the Memories Begin” – videos/photos that truly embody the magic and joy of what Disney is all about. I'm talking about fun memories such as yours. The digital content you uploaded has made Disney's short list for the project; and we'd be very interested in getting your permission in writing to use it.  We are not looking to own your videos or photos; or to prevent you from ever using them again; but we need to get a certain amount of permissions by the end of next week so that Disney can better decide whether to move ahead with this idea or not.  You can find our campaign at  and  Please inform me if you are a Disney employee before continuing on with the release process.

For those who participate, Disney will give each person who grants permission a set of 5 lithographs of classic Disney characters especially created for this project and illustrated by Disney artist Ducky Williams. These lithos are not available anywhere else and are suitable for framing."

At first I was a little in disbelief since that was such a long time ago and it really didn't get to much attention or "thumbs up" as a lot of other pictures were getting but I was still proud of it none the less
 to get news like this has me JUMPING FOR JOY! like what are the chances!!!!

I know I'm over thinking it but what if my picture of my beautiful niece ends up on ads for Disney World!??? sooo awesome!

any who! if you forgot what picture it was, here it is again! 

my week is complete :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay hungry, Stay foolish

After a long day of work last night, from guest complaints, to compliments on food. from really terrible tips, to really good tips. from braking plates and glasses to singing happy birthday for the 100th time, working as a server is a business of showing people a good time so that you in turn can get paid well in tips. Some people are naturally good at it, others not so much.

After a long day of work Im getting ready to cash out and all I hear my manager say is "Steve Jobs died" after he saw the flood of status updates on his death...

At first it literally took a couple seconds to register.... then the following couple seconds resulted in jaw dropping shock... not because it wasn't suppose to happen or it wasn't known that he was sick, but the fact that we have lost someone whose made such a large level impact on our society in the U.S. as well as around the world.

After hearing that I drove home and really let that sit in my mind... Life is way to short to sit around waiting for things to just happen.... Steve new that his death would inevitably come and he planned out what he would do, spending his last few days along with his family.

"Stay hungry, Stay foolish" the first time I had ever heard that quote was literally yesterday through Chase Jarvis' blog referring to when Steve Jobs had originally said that and I realized that it relates to me in the sense that I've been using the word determined vs. "hungry" and it makes sense to me being that I should stay hungry wanting more from life, wanting an education, to become a photographer, to travel the world, and find myself along the way, but in turn you have to stay foolish by making bad decisions because thats the best way to learn in life.

Just remember that when you DO make a foolish decision to always continue your hunger and in turn always continue your foolishness because without the two you can not be successful in life

Thank you again Steve for everything

"Stay hungry, Stay foolish"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Horror Nights

After the photo shoot with two of my close friends, Alex and Christian, we went with a group to Universal Studios Horror Night for my first time and..... lets just say it was pretty much AWESOME!

Since I've been working, going to school and finally completed the transition of moving to my new place, I took the time to actually sit down and look at some of the photos :)

and with that being said it's now the 2nd of October with many plans ahead of me and most definitelty NOT enough time, but its ok, I just have to "keep swimming" right?

any who, here's a few from Horror Nights