Monday, November 14, 2011

Summary of Madrid, Spain: Part 3

On Thursday, my last full day in Spain, Patty and I planned on riding the boats at Retiro Park since neither one of us had done it yet (more so her, since she’s been there longer than me) and Patty made it a point to wait for me to visit her to do it. So we made it a little romantic date taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather and each others company despite the ducks that were fighting in the pond haha:) 

When we finished the boat ride, we strolled around the park where we happened to find a small colony of peacocks, like the blue feathered massive birds, just chillin walking around the park which was surprisingly awesome to see! 

Later, as the day was coming to a close, we had a few drinks and decided to go and see the famous Egyptian Temple of Debod during the beautiful sunset. Not sure where to go, we ventured off turning corners until we came across an extremely large hill. After climbing what seemed like forever of a climb we saw a breathe taking view of the ancient temple overcastting Madrid on an amazing sunset finishing our adventures through Spain.

My overall view of Spain is that it’s a beautiful country to visit and experience, from its food and customs, to the night life, people and of course the Copas ;)

If it weren’t for Patty’s amazing host family, my experience wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable and fun. In life the little things are some times what’s cherished and count the most and I learned a lot from that family which I’ll never forget!

There’s never any goodbyes in life for the people you care about, only see ya’ laters and I will definitely see her host family again in the near future!

Thank you Patty for showing me an amazing time through out Spain and soon enough we’ll be together for the holidays, hopefully under a mistletoe J

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