Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food and Wine festival and randomness

Before fully finishing my video entry for the contest I entered at Valencia, a group of friends and I went around the world at Epcot's Food and wine festival sampling loads of new foods ranging from South Korea's lettuce wraps to Belgium's out of this world waffles! 

Along with the Food and Wine Festival I was fortunately able to capture a couple photos of the guy who assisted me in the making of my video entry. JP is an amazing video editor and voice recorder. with his skills and my idea for the contest, we joined forces to create something we are both very proud of. Once again JP I thank you for all the help! 

Last night I was invited by a group of my Australian and New Zealand friends to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out and have a few drinks and just enjoy the night before this weekend full of work approaches, because in just a short 5 days I will officially be on a flight to Madrid Spain, to be with my amazing Girlfriend Patty :) but till then I must work, and get ahead in some school work so that I don't fall behind in class. 

and that is it for the randomness of the past week and some change, not too exciting but its always the silence before the storm right? and by storm, I mean amazing trip for 10 whole days! <3

Night everyone!

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