Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st and 2nd day in Madrid, Spain

After meeting patty's host family, who happens to be amazingly funny and nice despite the language barrier due to my depressing lack of spanish speaking skills, we went on a photo adventure after dropping my luggage off till my check in time after 2pm!!

From coffee and churros to walking through parks and checking out amazing views of the royal palace and beautiful neighborhoods, I got a glimpse of the lifestyle Spain goes through on a daily basis and lets just say it's pretty amazing :)

Later on during the day Patty and I checked into our Hostel (yes like the movie, and YES I'm still alive and ok haha) and it was pretty small but cozy for it being only us to for two nights in Madrid.... yes I said two nights.... BECAUSE

I spilled the news to her and our special trip to Paris the next morning <3 

Curious to know how I told her?

Recall the Disney Movie UP? well it is one of our favorite movies that we've seen together and I decided to get extra creative but finding Ellie's "Adventure Book" to give to her. After doing a little research I managed to find the book and it is pretty much Identical to the movie with the exception that I was able to get in contact with the creator of the book and change the title from "My Adventure Book" to "Our Adventure Book" :)

Once I got the book, I filled it up with a bunch of things that Patty and I had done over the 5 past years we've been together followed by the page from the movie "Stuff I'm gonna do" but instead I wrote "Stuff we're going to do"..... guess what was on the next page? take a wild guess ;)

I love you Patty and we'll be in the City of Love in less than 24hours :)

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