Sunday, November 13, 2011

Summary of Madrid, Spain: Part 2

Tuesday night.... we went out tuesday night...

6am wednesday.... its usually the time I would wake up to go out for a run over the long summer days, but this time around it was when Patty and I had returned home after getting Churros and Hot chocolate from a night filled with dancing in Spain. The night life in Spain is surreal, from the music and dancing to being out till 6am!! I've gotta say I'm pretty proud I didn't pass out and finished strong with a second wind before knocking out from those delicious churros ;) and they say New York is the city that never sleeps, pfffft.

By midmorning I stumbled out of bed to pick something up to eat for Patty and myself. We eventually got ready and made our way out to meet up with some of her friends to go to one of these famous museums in Spain.

After finding out I couldn't take pictures in the Museum I was pretty upset, but still managed to be a ninja and sneak a couple pictures in, till I was yelled at, whoops

Following the museum, Patty, myself and her friends Anna, Andrea, and Claire made our way to the Palace where people were celebrating this religious event that was going on and people were lined up to drop off bunches of flowers around this statue, where there were many street performers. after we took a couple pictures and walked around a lot, we worked up an appetite and agreed on some good ol' american food.

so we went to burger king hehe ;)

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