Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sink or Swim :: The last two months

For the last two months I've been stressed with managing my life. From school and work, to my personal life and family I keep coming closer and closer to the conclusion that there's simply not enough time in each day to get to where I need to be.

After three years of serving at TGI Fridays both full time and on a seasonal basis due to my leave of absence for the internships I held with Disney, I felt that I out grew the environment that helped be develop my serving skills for the last few years and it was time to move on to a new if not better fit for me to continue learning and growing my resume over time. While struggling to maintain my new serving position at White Chocolate and maintaining my serving position at fridays and seasonal down at Disney I found myself more and more limited on time for my personal  life, school and my family... due to my poor planning I unfortunately had to miss my Mom and nieces birthday (although I made my mom an awesome cake, and niece her own personal Olaf )

It's impossible to maintain more than two jobs and school without sacrificing another essential part of your life. I wasn't happy, I was fatigue and always tired and not serving to my potential. So after finishing my training and feeling comfortable enough to take the leap and dive in, I placed my respectful two week notice in at Fridays and was ready to continue my new position at White Chocolate full time.

As if one challenge wasn't hard enough, that's when things started to get interesting. Barely surviving the transition of jobs and maintaining school, I had to report an identity theft for 600$ in my name for fraudulent activity on an online tire store and I receive my first statement from my student loans letting me know to start making payments on them as soon as possible when I was under the impression that because I was in school I was be differed the payments and accruing interest. I missed the fine print that it excluded less than part time students as I only have one class to meet the transfer requirements into Illinois State Universities School of Business program. So as a "strategy" my dad would put it (I say cheating the system), I applied for some credit cards.... not to go on a shopping spree but to do a balance transfer. By me transferring more than half of my student loan into this account I was able to eliminiate the interest accruing with a catch. After 18 month period of no interest, it rises from the original 3.5 % to a 13.99%.

With a new well paying job, budget plan I developed for the next 7 month period, I would not only be able to pay off the total amount on the student loan, but also attend EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest, and Tomorrowworld and receive Two free round trip flights through southwest between the two cards I applied for. Developing a credit line over the last three years has allowed me to manage my life better and its finally coming together. With a nice credit line, school and my new job here, I'm so happy to see myself making huge progress with everything!1 ^_^

Allowing myself more time now to manage the areas of my life that fell short, I'm now full on track for school this spring. After graduating from Triton College this May with an Associates in Science,  I will be making my way to Illinois State Universities School of Business, pursuing a Marketing degree as I've just received my ACCEPTANCE LETTER :' )

and the cherry on top of this hard working last two months ? I almost have 1000$ saved up to invest into a secure mutual fund AND I only need 14.08 hours to maintain my seasonal status for Walt Disney World  until July AND my old friend Keith from the Disney EDM family was able to see me after missing a flight in Chicago to New Orleans :)))))

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

2014 is MY YEAR!