Saturday, November 5, 2011

The trip to Paris

Getting home after 3:30am from clubbing at this 7 floor place called Kaptial isn't the best of ideas when you have a flight at 8:55am to Paris, France. Exhausted, Patty and I manage to crawl out of bed having packed majority of our stuff from last night, THANK GOD. Everything seemed fine,

Me- "Patty do you have everything you need??"
 Patty- "I think so..."
Me- "clothes, toothbrush, money check?"
Patty- "yes"
Me- "ok, well I think that's everything, just make sure you have your passport!"
Patty- "......fuck...."
Me- "Patty where is your passport??"
Patty- "I left it at my host family's house..."

Sooooo we flew out the door running down the 4 flights of stairs, on the train, transferring to a new train and speed walking like we're olympic athletes at 6am to get her passport

Patty- "baby, I'm really sorry I forgot something so important..."
Me- "hun, don't worry about it, want to know why? because it's out anniversary.... AND because we're going to Paris today :)"

After making it to the airport, zombie- like through the lack of sleep we still luckily had time to spare. Sleeping on the plane for only an hour and a half we literally woke up to viewing the eiffel tower in the background of Paris :) Following the flight and deciphering the french language we made it on a bus that took us to a train that would drop us off near the Eiffel Tower and after getting off the train we began walking up some stairs when Patty said

"it's still hard for me to believe we're in Paris"

when we began to walk up the stairs it dawned on me and I said

Me- "Hun, I think this is it.... we need to walk up the stairs slowly.... I think this might really be it"

Sure enough we came to the light with this as our first view

following that priceless view we officially knew we were in Paris

After that, we explored took lots of pictures went on a cute date in honor of our 5 year anniversary, sipped on a little wine, and ate some crepes around the beautiful view we had :)

Here's a few from last night

It's safe to say Patty and I had an amazing time last night on our anniversary :) 

Happy Saturday everyone!

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