Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cats Parties and a Magical Family

There is a fine line between family and friends, but with the life I currently live a friend can be considered family after a picture together, a shift together, or simply after spending time together in my eyes. It doesn't matter to me if we're blood related or blue and green, I consider my Disney family to be some of the closest people I've ever met in my life.

From Cat parties to family reunions with blue fairies and a "real boy" having his big day! My family ranges in all shapes and sizes and my Disney Family is one crazy bunch.

The memories we create are the things we remember as time passes and we grow older, but just because we're getting older doesn't mean we have to grow up ;)


                                   ♪♫  Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Super Hero

A little over a week ago I found myself going on a photo adventure through the Magic Kingdom. Taking photos here and there until the "Move it Shake it Celebrate it" street party began.

♪♫ hey get up, get loud, we're pumpin up the party now ♪♫

was the lyrics we heard and as the music got louder, the more I viewed guest piling up to see what the fuss was about until an explosion of characters, dancers and stilt walkers came down main street!

Following the arrival of this crazy group, they danced and played with the kids and adults a like. Pictures were taken of everything and as I was watching the party develop, I came across my good friend Frozone in the "Incredible unit" we'll say. After givings his greetings to everyone (myself included) he danced and played and that's when I saw it. 

While everyone was dancing taking pictures and having a good time at the party, I saw a little girl sitting on the side of the street watching everything. not crying, complaining or shy. She was watching attentively from her custom, motorized wheel chair with her father next to her holding hands. The dancers were the first to see this and invited her into the street to dance with everyone and after getting the permission from her father, joined the party. 

Clapping, smiling, and dancing, the dancers, and stilt walkers shared their hellos and dances with her while having a great time. Following the initial introduction, I found myself making eye contact Frozone again and after I gestured for him to meet the little girl, he made his move. Dancing and having a good time, this girl filled the whole dance party with more love then anyone could ask for and after snapping a few pictures I couldn't help but shed a few tears to see someone smile as much as her. 

Superheros come in all shapes and sizes, but its not about who has the greatest of "super powers" it's about who has the courage to make an impact on someones life no matter what the circumstances may be. 

On this day, The little girl became the super hero for being courageous enough to dance despite the minor differences she had from everyone else. 

Love life, and live it to the fullest.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras? Happy Valentines Day? NO, Happy Birthday Eva :]

Behind all the fuss of purple, gold, and green there is a culture, a way of life in New Orleans. Over the last few weeks I have further learned about this way of life through some very close friends of mine and I can safely say that I LOVE it.

The king cakes, the music, the happiness, the exchanging of beads and wisdom allows for an even greater appreciation and one of my close friends showed me this even further.

“...Mardi Gras is not a parade. Mardi Gras is not girls flashing on French Quarter balconies. Mardi Gras is not an alcoholic binge.
Mardi Gras is bars and restaurants changing out all the CD's in their jukeboxes to Professor Longhair and the Neville Brothers, and it is annual front-porch crawfish boils hours before the parades so your stomach and attitude reach a state of grace, and it is returning to the same street corner, year after year, and standing next to the same people, year after year--people whose names you may or may not even know but you've watched their kids grow up in this public tableau and when they're not there, you wonder: Where are those guys this year?
It is dressing your dog in a stupid costume and cheering when the marching bands go crazy and clapping and saluting the military bands when they crisply snap to.
It's wearing frightful color combination in public and rolling your eyes at the guy in your office who--like clockwork, year after year--denies that he got the baby in the king cake and now someone else has to pony up the ten bucks for the next one.
Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once.” -Chris Rose

Thank you Ali Manion for the lesson and appreciation! 

And as the days go on in the land of magic, I hear a cross between this being "Mardi Gras week" and "Happy Valentines day" and while all the cute red colors fight the purple, green, and gold throughout this week I still see this holiday as a mark for one person for the last 8 years now.... 

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest nieces of all time, Eva Sage Ramos :) 

May the magic of life fill your heart for the years to come <3 

And P.s. what better way to celebrate Mardi Gras week and Valentines day then with a new memory of a VERY close friend of mine :')  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The "Limited Time Magic"

 With a new year here and already a MONTH passing, I've come to really take the time and look at this new concept Disney has...."Limited Time Magic"

At first I was Disappointed with the name (and I know a lot of you felt the same, "lesbihonest") because It gives this idea of a time limit for guests and with only a few days advance notice of what to expect the following week it can be difficult for families to decide what to do, but after watching the weeks unravel with some amazing ideas and some ... not so amazing ideas; I am fortunate enough to say that I am SO happy to be around for this!

From long lost friends, photo adventures and beautiful people, to Football Goofy, "Super Sunday Countdown" and loving friends. The memories we create as this year unfolds never ceases to show us how much we can bond and unite for a company despite its faults we encounter.

I am blessed beyond belief and I love the magic we share together as we continue this never ending Story.

P.s. I LOVE Referee Dale, just sayin :-)