Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The morning we left Paris

Sunday morning came for our departure back to Madrid, Spain and although it was definitely hard to leave such a beautiful place full of life and romance, we were definitely ready to continue our adventure for the rest of the week!

Before leaving for the airport we took a couple pictures for the parentals and Patty’s aunt near the Eiffel Tower because we thought it would just be a really cute memory for all of them.

After taking our last few photos in Paris, we headed down towards the train station that would have taken us to a shuttle bus station that would then drop us off at the airport. But before all that we ran into a relatively large set back…. The ticket machine that would let us through to the train was out of order, out of tickets or something. So right away I was thinking, “oh we’ll be fine, we’ll just buy one from the help desk” except to to find out that the help desk was closed and no one was there.

Slowly we began to check out the situation we were in and finally agreed to just opt for the….. the dreaded taxi since it was coming close to that last 1 hour and 30 minute point before our flight. So Patty being the more attractive one in our relationship obviously flagged a French taxi driver down in a matter of seconds…. Which I have no comment on

But we made it to the airport in less than 25 minutes and cost fewer than 30 Euros, which was pretty reasonable considering how close we were to the very touristy area and still paid off because we didn’t miss our flight, thank God!

Our flight was fast and smooth, lasted less than two hours, and what made the flight amazing was the view we had…. See the day was a cold overcast day, But after breaking the clouds Patty and I had a stunning view which made for a beautiful Departure from France!

Patty and I definitely loved this weekend and look forward to the LONGEST week ever until Friday!

Until next time Paris, we will miss you and your lovely pastries ;)!

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