Monday, December 2, 2013

Brian and the jacket

Family shoots are always fun when it involves your own family and last week I was fortunate enough to photograph some extended family all the way from Puerto Rico! (yes I'm Puerto Rican)

Over the last few weeks my aunt Ailene and cousin Brian have made their way up north into the cold to settle in while Brian attends school. Taking a break from work, homework and all the other chores in life, we decided to take a walk through the forest to capture a few photos :)

despite the lack of deer we saw (probably because they're not as crazy as we are in the cold) we still had fun with my parents joining the occasion exploring the trails as the environment is constantly changing in a location that experiences four seasons.

In an effort to make sure no one got sick, we went from jacket on* to jacket off* rinse and repeat method to make sure no one got sick and just so that Brian didn't look like a tan marshmallow with his Eskimo jacket on ;) needless to say the cold isn't what got me, but Brian's smile did.

He's gonna have heads turn when he's older for a genuine smile like that.

guess it runs in the family ;)

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