Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Landons first christmas

 Prior to my departure to Florida I was scrambling to get ready with packing, studying for finals and spending time with my family before l left until the new year. All within the mix I found one of my old co workers at work.

See Sam and I have a unique way of how we met, both being hired at the same time only to be a couple booths away from each other for each interview. Three year later (THREE YEARS?!?) we're still friends and he's doing well with his girl and little baby stud, Landon.

They wanted to wait until he could sit up (sort of) by himself and the little bundle of cute just so happen to wanna learn this new achievement right before Christmas. So of course I couldn't resist snapping away and with the Holidays so close, I'd say Landon gave his parents a fantastic gift and what can I say?

the kids a natural model ;)

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays :) 

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