Saturday, December 14, 2013

1 final down 3 to go

its that time of the year... where the snow is fall, hot chocolate brewing.... and all nights beginning as I prepare for my last three finals.... *freaking out*

easing into finals I was able to finish one of my courses prior to the actual week of finals with my photo class.

as a last assignment we were required to develope our own series of photos with a theme in mind. I chose to do mine on light painting and the outcome was... interesting :)

I learned a lot about long exposures and light painting that its finally encourage me to dig deeper with my flash and using it in my photography more because lets be honest... I rarely use a flash on anything... but I need to get over that fear... to make it a nice addition to what I can offer in the future personally and professionally :) !!

wish me luck on finals o.O

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