Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Mall :: The Photoshoot

Following my recent Photoshoot with Judy's family I found myself meeting Jessica and her daughter Natalie.

Now Natalie, being in high school knew Judy's daughter, Jaquelyn as they are both into the Theater programs of their school and wanted some headshots done as well. Brainstorming ideas we agreed on the mall.

kinda weird right?

that was my initial thought essentially, but considering the high temperature outside is in the 20's I was all for it! 

So I got there a little early and scouted the mall out and of course asking for permission at the front desk despite by belief of "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" but it was all was clear to go surprisingly since malls today require permits etc for shoots but not Woodfield :) After setting up our meeting place at Starbucks we started playing a little game of "where's Waldo" while looking for each other. 

Me- "Hi Jessica! I'm right in front of Starbucks!"

Jessica- "That's weird we are too!... " 

only to find out there was two star bucks within 300ft of each other just around the corner of the mall where I was!! 

funny way to meet each other right ? ;)

It made for an easy way to break the ice though, and after getting to know both Jessica and Natalie I really look forward to taking photos of them again soon! 

here's a from the weekend :)

Happy Hump day!

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