Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 out of 90

During my internship with Disney last fall 2012, I met people from all over the country and world, but knowing how small the world is I happened to of met someone from the area I live in around Chicago!

Melisa and I did the Disney College program together and upon our awesome adventure together, she embarked on the next chapter of her life with a job interview for an airline service in Dubai, seeking energetic, charismatic applicants willing to fulfill these flight attendant positions and travel the world. Competitive applicants, "go above and beyond" (Disney reference) to try and nail this job and with Melisa's strong desire for this position and know how of application processes (being that disney is very competitive for applicants) she wanted to add a set of portraits for the interview that was suggested in the requirements.

Coming to me for this help in getting her the photos she needs I was more than willing to help, and the outcome?

*Few days after the photo shoot* 

Melisa- *text* "Guess who made top 10 out of 90 applicants and not only passed three interviews, but was complimented on the amazing photos! This girl!!" 

Me- *hyperventilating* "Holy Cow!!!! how many spots are open!?!?! Wow!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU" 

I couldn't contain my excitement that something I helped with was able to help one of my friends succeed with! It's such a blessing and amazing feeling to know that helping others could help you too ^_^ 

Can't wait to hear the (good) news soon hopefully! Good luck Melisa :)

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