Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponchos and Venice Beach

 *Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

 The night before heading off to Venice Beach we made way to eat pizza, but not just any pizza, CHORIZO pizza :) I can safely say it was NOM NOM NOM.

During the few minutes we were waiting for our delicious pizza to come though, we were talking about the adventures we've had so far and predicting the events to come and then it happened

Sara- "guys, I think I have Strep Throat......"
Kara- "ew, stay away from me, I'm not trying to get that shit"
Me- "crap, and we're splitting a pizza....ok, just no double dipping cool?"

anddddd we kept the night going because even if Sara was sick, I'm not gonna let that stop me from having a good time. just gotta remember its Spring break! stay positive :)

moving on to the delicious pizza, or atleast what was left of it.......

Me- "Megan, pretty sure you ate more than me"
Megan- "no, this is like my 4th slice"
Me- "I just finished my third slice -_- fatty"

Sara-  (in the strongest mono tone voice I have ever heard in my entire life) "I.ate.a.lotttttttttt.................."

Trying my hardest to resist pizza from coming out my nose, megan and I were dying laughing so hard with the random comment and the extremely strong mono tone voice :)

Thank you Sara for sealing the night :)

Before passing out at the hotel we all decided to take some Vitamin C just in case with one of our crew members potentially sick, but of course Kara makes her move.

Me- "are you sure you want to take that much Vitamin C? it could get you sick..."
Kara- "oh no its fine! I do this ALL the time you guys" *as she swallows hand full of pills*
Me- "ok, whatever you say"

Morning swings around
"guys I feel sick...... *vomitttttttttt*"

wonder who that was?

Sara- "morning guys, I feel a lot better"

Kara- "guys I feel sick.... it was the vitamin C..... I took more in the middle of the night..."
Me- ".....and you do this all the time? yea....OKAYYY"

So sadly we had to have an adventure without Kara for the day at Venice Beach, but on the plus note, Sara turned out NOT to have Strep Throat! woohoo! :)

so here's a few from the day AND I got a Poncho at venice beach! ;)

conclusion about venice beach?? 

1. the Ponchos are amazing there
2. the sky is AMAZINGLY BLUE
5. take me back, PLEASE 

happy saturday!!! 

time to get cray!

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