Monday, March 26, 2012

California Love ( Sacramento + San Francisco part 1 )

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

Landing in Sacramento to "California Love" not only got me pumped about the next 12 days of my life, but also mixed feelings about traveling though a state I've never seen before with my own eyes. whether it be nerves of steal, determination, or risk taking, I was ready to go with a freshly cleared memory card for my camera!

hours after my flight I woke up to a interesting feeling....let's just say I was "sick" from "events" that occurred literally minutes after my flight because of course I had to be welcomed to California with some style and my California "bad bitch" Megan has plenty of that haha.

Waking up in the morning was not only rough because the jet-lag hit me, but also because I didn't know a series of things:

1. How did I end up NOT on the sofa, NOT on the floor, NOT even in Megan's bed, but Megan's roommate Taylor's bed???

2. Why did I lift the blankets and realize I had NO pants on (boxers check)

3. Where's Megan and Taylor!?

So of course with all these things running through my head, I hop out of bed and make my way through the apartment finding Megan in her room and Taylor on the sofa and thinking to myself "thank god" haha

going into the bathroom to brush my teeth I saw throw up all over the toilet seat and instantly was thinking "oh man I hope the girls are ok!" so I go into Megan's room and tell her "Megan, someone threw up all over the toilet seat!" instantly I get the death glare from her and her response?

"YEA IT WAS YOU A55 H@!3" ...... whoops...

After cleaning up the mess we head out to the cure of this sickness!  IN AND OUT!!

to those of you midwest and east coast people: if you ever find yourself on the west coast you must get a double double cheese burger with animal style fries and a Neapolitan shake!! It'll most likely put you into a food coma, but its well worth it when it comes to your taste buds having a party in your mouth! !

IN AND OUT = Heaven 

A few days after the series of events, meeting some of Megan's awesome friends and roommate Taylor, we made our way out on a mini road trip to a city I've never seen in my life: San Francisco, where the sea lions  roar and the left hand store exist :)

until tomorrow, here's a couple from the road trip down!

happy monday folks!!

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