Thursday, March 29, 2012

Santa Barbara

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

After safely surviving Megan's Divaness from our drive home due to reasons I will not disclose (a.k.a. that time of the month) we got ready for our St. Patty's day fiesta !!

Conclusions of the night? Meeting a ton of guys and girls (more so girls since megan is in a sorority) is not only difficult during the day when your in a certain state of mind, but outrageously hard when you're NOT drunk/intoxicated but "having a good time" as Megan would say due to guidelines of sorority life

Did I have fun? YES

Did I wake up Pants-less in Taylor's bed? No, thankfully not this time haha

In the morning I forced my self to run one last time before the true road trip/ adventure began so that I can clear my system out with all the nasty-ness from the previous night. After working out and finishing the whole tedious routine of packing, showering, shaving, etc. we made our way across the street to eat our late breakfast as we waited for our last crew member for the road trip.

Who was part of this road trip you may ask? The trip consisted of Megan, Taylor, Kara, Sara and myself.

Was everyone apart of this group other than me a girl? Yes.

Did I have a problem with that? at first no (what guy would?) but after 6+ hours of driving with girls, the estrogen levels sky rocket in a guy having been forced to listen to girl music, girl talk, and girl things.

but I survived right?

Any who, the road trip after setting sail consisted of blasting music, sight seeing and of course pictures!!

After finally leaving what seemed like a valley that Sacramento is located in, we broke free and I began to notice something. Flatland was slowing turning into hills, hills were slowly growing bigger and bigger until we finally saw mountains!! and for me it was a cool thing to see all of this for obvious reasons being that I'm from out of town ;)

 After the many hours of driving we finally reached our first destination: Santa Barbara.

caught somewhere between the fine line of hunger and starvation again, the girls and I looked for some good places around downtown Santa Barbara to max out and we came to the conclusion that we would all eat at the China Pavilion! 

Now being a server back home I'd say I'm pretty easy going when it comes to a menu and if I'm THAT stumped worse case scenario? I ask whoever my server is: "what do you recommend off the menu" and that's about it. 

NEVER have I EVER met someone as picky before in my entire life other than Kara Reano. 

"Where's are server?" 
"I'm starving?"
"How much is this?"
"Ok if our server doesn't show in two seconds, they're not getting a tip from me"
"Is this Spicy?" ("sorry I gotta know so I don't have the shits")
"I'm so sorry I don't like this at all, it's too spicy, can you take it off the bill?"
"It's so dark in here"
"I need more water"
"omg guys, he probably hates me"

...... Kara I'm sorry but If I was our server, pretty sure I'd hate you for real. Also pretty sure I'd be tempted to spit in your meal too :P

Other than that fiasco of a show I PERSONALLY enjoyed the food a lot, and would recommend check it out if you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara :) 

After dinner we made our way to UCSB or University of California Santa Barbara to meet up with a couple of Taylor's friends since we were crashing there for the night. After throwing our stuff around at Raj and Aaron's apartment we found ourselves meeting up with "Mary Jane" and to say the least, she definitely knows how to throw a party to remember when on spring break. 

As the night progressed we took a educational class with the natives of UCSB. What I learned about the area is that its mainly college kids. So for one: college kids + California + college life + Pacific Ocean literally blocks away = constant eventful nights.

I also learned that rain or shine there's always something happening there and on a night like ours, it was deemed "slow" due to finals and the inclement weather. All in all, that night was one of the most memorable nights I have ever had in my life and I'll always remember it thanks to my hella cool friends on this great start to an epic trip.

waking up to this in the morning before we set off to L.A. was ok in my book :P

urban dictionary it if you want ;)

and with the start to a great morning we headed off to L.A. to continue this epic road trip 

Happy thirsty thursday! 

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