Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel

Taking a break from reminiscing on my trip to California, I am finally getting this off my chest after holding it back for what felt like forever and a half .....so here we go

After moving back home I realized I had faith. Faith that would get me through hard times no matter the duration it would be, but no matter the strength of the faith there is always a breaking point that can occur after one is put through so much. 

I reached that point. A point where I was vulnerable, lost and confused. A point where I needed to revaluate myself in this short life we have. I was in a dark place towards the beginning of the year figuring out what's best for me, which resulted in waiting till the Spring to start at DePaul University. Keeping myself occupied but knowing at the end of the day I would have to face this idea that was ingrained in my head for the longest time. 

Some of my closest friends were there for me during this time, not to steer me in any one direction, but there to listen to me and present me with the truth that "this to shall pass" which is an idea that we always use during hard times. "everything happens for a reason" they would tell me and as much as that idea is beaten to death and despised at times we listen and it's still powerful even at its genesis or beginning. 

So what did I do? I did what some people would call the craziest or dumbest unexpected thing anyone could imagine on my behalf, given that I just recently moved back......... yup that's right. 


I was presented an opportunity to do the Disney College program again this fall of 2012. It was on the least of my thoughts, but at the same time it was always there with open arms. After much deliberation of the ups and downs I agreed that getting away one last time before completely focusing on school amongst other academic opportunities would be beneficial in networking and building my self as  person. 

I applied 6 hours after applications went out and to put it mildly, it was intense. While the wait had begun, I started talking to more and more people, sharing our stories of where we are today and already met some fantastic people! after coming to find out that I was accepted into attractions, but on the other hand I was presented the chance this time to tryout for entertainment BEFORE getting to Florida. so did I do it?


was I nervous? yes
was I comfortable? yes
was I freaking out? yes
did I expect to see myself in this predicament again? no

I didn't expect myself in another dance studio for disney as long as I lived. I had applied for entertainment atleast four times and had lost all hope being turned away everytime. So I figured I had nothing to loose and after waiting with almost 220 people I was up next in check-in and had the option of going with this lady whom had brown hair and another in which had blond. I went with the blond because something just said "do it" 

Me- "Hi Kelly, how are you doing today?" (name tag check)
Kelly- "I'm doing great! thank you for asking!"
Me-"no problem! you must be tired from all the traveling for tryouts?"
Kelly-"it comes with the territory I suppose (smiling)"
Me- "of course! now are you a former Alumni for the college program?"
Kelly- "no I've actually been working for the company though for sometime now"
Me-  "that's exciting! "
Kelly- "It really is! :)"

*handing me my #180 sticker* 

I walked away after being as friendly as can be, teeth smiling the whole way through

long story short? she was the head judge for entertainment tryouts in Chicago, LIKE WHAT!? WHAT WERE THE CHANCES!? 

did I make a good impression after that and being a goof ball during tryouts? 

you be the judge

that was my email sent to me at 6am this morning april 10, 2012

In fall of 2010 I made the decision to take a leap of faith and do a internship that would change my life. After meeting 100's of amazing people in such a short amount of time I decided to do everything I could in attempt to make it into entertainment as a cast member to continue the "original magic". From trying to extend to trying out part-time atleast 4 times I almost lost hope. waking up today on 4 hours of sleep I officially received the magical moment I've been waiting for in what felt like an eternity. 


Thank you Hannah, Christian and Molly for meeting me during the fall of 2010 and being there for me during every step of the way

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