Friday, March 30, 2012

Los Angeles and Chili Cheeseburgers

*Note: the next few days of post will consist of events that have occurred over the last few weeks while traveling through California*

After leaving in the morning on what seemed like a surreal night filled with crazyness, we headed towards  Los Angeles where the smog exist and the famous Tommy's chili cheeseburger's are devoured.

(is it just me or do I write a lot about food?)

After checking into our hotel we made way to Tommy's since its "hella" good, but of course our group has people who are questionable towards new food. 

*Kara!* *cough cough*

Kara- "Ew that looks gross"
*megan swiping fries over chili*
Megan- "here! try that!"
Kara- "ok! I'm getting one"

sometimes all it takes is one french fry to really rock your world ;)

anyways you probably wanna know if it was good or not?


no point in taking a picture of what was left because there wasn't anything to show except for the wax paper, but it's spring break right? 

After our amazing chili and cheeseburger combo, we waddled around L.A. to attempt to work off what we ate and like a kid in a candy store we walked down the hollywood walk of fame taking pictures!!!

All of it was hella fun, cool, and epic to see, but I was determined at all cost to find one star out there that was different from the rest. For if it wasn't for this star's small idea of creating "the happiest place in the world" then I wouldn't have been so fortunate as to go to Florida for 5 months out of my life to experience a once in a life time trip. If it wasn't for this man then I wouldn't have taken a risk that manifested into the idea that if I put my mind to it, I can truly follow my dream and travel the world. 

and then it happened. I found him. 

Thank you Walt, for the last few years of my life. cheers to keep it up for years to come! 

Following our walk of fame adventure we made way to the Hollywood sign after being forced into pillow talk by four girls about all the ups and downs that we've experienced so far and to say the least it was.... interesting? 

Can't say that I've ever had a pillow talk and it was definitely an experience to say the least, but on the realz I definitely felt like we not necessarily bonded, but got to know these Cali natives on a new level which is always a plus! :D

and THEN we get up the hill and BAM smack you in the face with a view of L.A. and the Hollywood sign. not exactly the distance I would have liked to be from it, BUT who cares it was my first time seeing it in real life! 

my pillow talking, road adventure, swag surfin spring break 2012 crew :) 

and on that note we finished the night with Chorizo Pizaa (NOM NOM NOM) and knocked out because in morning we'd be going to Venice Beach!! 

Happy Friday!! 

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