Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of school

Yesterday was my first day of school in Florida at Valencia College and........

It was awesome! I loved every minute of it. From the palm trees and beautiful fluffy clouded sky to the active environment where a diverse group of students go, I couldn't help but be excited :]

My first class was with Professor Brand, an English teacher who knows what she wants from her students, challenging them and pushing them to succeed, already assigning us a paper to tell her about ourselves and to find out where our writing abilities are at right now. She said there was no minimum or limit and that it could be just a paragraph if we wanted it to be...... so of course I try and over achieve.... with mine being two pages long, whoops... I guess I'm getting use to this Blog writing that its becoming natural to write a lot, huh?

oh oh oh and I met this girl in class who works for disney!!! woohoo! :) looks like I know who I'll be sitting next to during class!

My second class was with Professor Caldero, a Latin Humanities teacher who is a fun, active lady and as long as you participate in her class will be fun, otherwise.... not so much from what she said (meaning lots of quizzes to see if we read and such)

Tomorrow is my second day of class and I hope everything goes well....

Goal for tomorrow:

meet at least 2 new people :D

Night everyone!

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