Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making Progress

September 1, 2011 is a day to remember in my book where so many great things have happened! 

to start off the day around midnight last night I was challenged to do two things from Julie, who I happen to be meeting this Saturday! She challenged me to:

A. have someone pay me 40$ to do a photo session
B. apply it to creating my very first website through Showit on October 1

Am I nervous? yes! 
Will I do it? Duh!
Does Julie know that I always like a challenge? not yet ;)
Is it worth it? I have 100% no doubt that it will be worth it! 

Following the challenge and after getting some rest, I woke up to some great news! the Disney Careers site launched and I was able to apply for a position as a cast member :) and this is what happened:

·         12pm the new application process came out for Walt Disney World. 
·         2:39pm I finished applying for part time in attractions. 
·         3:25pm received email to do "web based interview". (same interview that gave me troubles in the past)
·         4:14pm I passed the first interview and am scheduling my in person interview at casting! FINALLY 
·         5:39pm confirmation email for my appointment on Tuesday at 2pm :] 

*talk about responding fast, huh?*

After being patient for 2 months, being denied for entertainment tryouts and having to wait to apply for Disney when the new application process came out, and getting my photography straightened out with a meeting this saturday with some photographers and a photo shoot this sunday with one of my co workers, I am finally seeing results and I am ready for the busy schedule ahead of me! 

With all that being said, I need some sleep!

night everyone!

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