Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let the memories begin

To Sum up the weekend I would have to first thank my good friend and previous cast member co worker Blanca for all that she has done to make me and Patty's weekend a very magical experience :)

We started off the weekend going to Magic Kingdom for Patty's very first time and it was nothing but magical from meeting Disney Characters to seeing Cast members dancing and loving there job, to the rides and of course the food like Pineapple Dole Whip floats and to top it all off? a little Pixie Dust

As the day progressed we made it to Hollywood Studios where we rode the Tower of Terror and yes I screamed more then she did.... made our way to Rockin' Roller Coaster, Star Tours and met Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear topping off the Beautiful Night with the new wishes fireworks that I had yet to see (yea they were amazing!)

The next day we went to Epcot for the whole day because of the amount of things we needed to accomplish from Soarin, Finding Nemo, Test Track, and Mission Space to my old job from when I was in the College Program to speak to my old manager and friend, Ruben.

Finishing the day we went around the world starting Canada and ending in Mexico getting stopped by Patty every once in a while with comments like "Omg there's Alice!" or "Omg there's a Princess... I dont remember her name but I want a Picture with her".

during one of our waits a Cast Member by the name of Nicole who was a Character attendant for Belle and Beast had gone through a confrontation with a rude family yelling at her that "they did this to us last time!!" and just being very ignorant. All in all nicole handled herself really well and although they said they would complain about her being a bad cast member, I told her that patty and I would be going to guest relations to compliment her on handling herself so well :) ( later on they wrote her a applause o gram at guest relations for her)

After watching Illuminations we headed off to bed to give our feet and my camera a rest.... Tired and exhausted we slept for such a long time till the moment came where Pattys mini vacation had ended....

but it was all amazing and so worth it, want to know why? because the Best reward was hearing Patty tell me she had the time of her life this weekend :')

I love Magical Moments and this was definitely a Magical Weekend :)

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