Monday, August 15, 2011

A accomplished to do list

6:10 am woke up
6:30 am killed a cock roach (yes who needs coffee when your woken up to that >:| )
6:50 am 4 Mile Run
7:20 am Shower and food
9:00 am Saw a Valencia Community College Academic Advisor
10:00 am Registered for classes
11:30 am Walmart for Groceries 
12:30 pm CVS and got a Sun pass for the Highway
1:00 pm Home and ate
2:30 pm Played Halo
3:30 pm much needed nap 
6:00 pm spoke to my Dad about school and financial aid
7:17pm scared Alex (rough estimate)
7:30 pm registered for my Florida voter card

and tonight a hang out with some awesome friends!

today was a good day and I feel accomplished. One Step Closer to my goals in life :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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