Thursday, August 4, 2011

School and a Beautiful weekend

After much delay due to getting situated with fixing my car, working and paying rent, I finally went through student orientation online for Valencia Community College :]

My next step is to attend an in person orientation tomorrow at Valencia's west campus where I can finally register for classes! 

Although I'll only be a part time student until I am a resident, it seems as though I'm taking the very long route to finish school....

But I am very happy with the decision I made to save money by attending Valencia and once I am a resident attend University of Central Florida with a Major in Business Management :] 

Following the Orientation a very special someone will be visiting me in the beautiful state of Florida. Not only has she been my best friend for years but also my girl friend Miss Patty Valenzuela :)

and what better way to celebrate her visiting me? taking her to the happiest place on earth for the FIRST TIME of course! more news to come but till then... 

Happy Thursday Peeps!

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