Thursday, August 18, 2011

When one door closes another one opens

A little over a month ago I wrote a post about my photo entries for this competition hosted by the Digital Rev Tv site that they posted on YouTube.

At the Beginning of this month I was informed that I sadly didn't make the competition, and two days ago they showed the first official episode of the competition posted on YouTube. Although I was upset about not making the competition I think the DRTv made a good decision on the top 16 contestants that they chose out of 200 entries.

Some people would beat themselves up about not making it into the competition, others would be afraid to try anything else in the fear of failing again and a select group would learn from their mistakes, not let failure hold them down and move forward towards their goals. 

Once I found out I was not accepted into the competition I continued my search for wedding photographers in the Florida area to second shoot for since I am still VERY new to photography and wouldn't dare take on a wedding by myself without some experience first. 

With that being said after finding Jasmine Star, who is a world wide known wedding photographer based in California I decided to take a chance at posting something on her Facebook page asking her if she knew anyone who lived in Florida that I could potentially second shoot for. 

A girl by the name of Julie Story who happens to live in Clearwater Florida commented on the post.... and long story short, we're meeting up sometime to talk photography :) regardless if it works out or not considering the distance with me living in Orlando I will take chance to get where I want.

 I am slowly getting one step closer to my goal and meeting new people along the way is always a plus in my book:) You just have to remember that whenever one door closes another will always open, you just have to sometimes be patient, or look in the unexpected areas ;)

Happy Thursday!

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