Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Beginning: Part 6

As I'm sitting at my terminal in the humid but cool state of Florida, I'm just gazing at my new camera, thinking to myself... I just got back from my trip back home and I was curious to know what the last couple months of this adventure will have in store for me... as people are getting picked up and I'm slowly becoming the last person at the terminal I just look at my new Nikon. What kind of secrets does it hold? I wish it would just speak to me to explain how to work it...

As time was moving I was slowly getting better at taking pictures and just having fun with it. It came to a point where if all my friends were working I would still go to the parks by myself and take pictures.

One of those nights where I was roaming the concrete walkway of Epcot, I was one of the last people making my way out of the park when I decided to take a picture of Spaceship Earth (The big Golf ball at the entrance to Epcot) and at first I thought nothing of it, it was night time and the camera was underexposed, so I made a couple adjustments and what I saw on the back of my little tiny 3 inch screen blew me out of the water.

Racing home I was questioning my self whether I was starring at turtle talk with crush to much, or had one to many ice cream cookie sandwiches that I was delirious because I felt that there was no way I had taken this picture... there had to of been something wrong, something must have been out of focus or something... once I got home I uploaded the picture and just starred in disbelief... had I really taken that picture?

while starring at it, my roommates start making their way around me slowly and I had asked Justin to take a look at my picture. "Woww" is what he said while starring at it complimenting me on my work. After he had walked away, he later asked me what my major was? I simply told him that I was undecided and that, that was the reason I was on this internship in the first place. "Why don't you major in photography then? you obviously like it a lot and are pretty good at it for not taking any classes"

...It then dawned on me, why not? I love taking pictures and having people see my work so why not go to school and eventually get paid to do something I love...

The next couple weeks I decided to practice taking pictures not only for me personally, but for other people to see... and by the end of my time at Disney what had happened? I decided follow what makes me happy? which is......

The picture that let my jaw drop

My Niece Eva

Taking pictures, and capturing memories :)

By the end of my Internship I had decided to pursue photography, and with that being said I decided to continue my education down in Florida by the end of the summer 2011, attending University of Central Florida....

It was a heck of a journey taking me from ISU to the Sunshine State... but I figured out what I want to go to school for and met some amazing people along the way over the past 5 months. Here's to all the amazing people I met down at Disney (click it <<<<----)

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