Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip!

So I left the windy city to start my first adventure of the summer, reason being, I wanna get started on my Bucket List! that's another story for another day though :)

Till then I had made it through the Grid Iron state of Indiana, the scenic view of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the hilly state of New York (the part where I'm at, at least)

I came here to see one of my close friends Hannah, who I had met when I was down in Florida! with that being said the reason on top of my visit is to essentially start my twenties with a bang, or a fall more like it... I'm going Sky Diving!!!!!!!

I feel like its a great way to end my teen years and start my 20th birthday, although I am a little nervous.... now that I think about it, I never really liked Giant drop... or Hollywood tower of terror.... hopefully this jump isnt like those rides or else ill be in trouble...

Maybe that's why I made it to New York in one shot with no rest, the thought of me jumping out a plane was glued to the back of my head, well If I post a blog tomorrow it will most likely mean I survived... or someone stole my account...

till then, happy early birthday to me! (from New York at least) the earlier the better though ;)

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