Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memories in the Attic

So yesterday I helped my Mom clean out my part of the attic since the Official-Move-to- Florida is coming at me faster than the angry Rhino from James and the Giant Peach (anyone remember that underrated movie??)

The closer I got to the top of the stairs to my attic you could see that nothing has been touched for quiet some time, maybe it was the dust that gave it away?

Behind all the spider webs, dust bunnies, boxes, and bags, lied memories of my childhood. Whether they were the good memories or the bad ones, the funny ones or the sad ones, it was definitely an emotional time to see how I've grown and become the 20 year old Florida bound guy I've become. Growing up in this house my whole life, it was definitely hard to part with some things, others not so much. I went from clothes like my Woody from Toy Story one piece pajama outfit, to my Pokemon collection of cards, to pictures.... pictures of me as a child up until about 6th grade.

I noticed that after around 6th grade the pictures slowly started to fade.... there were less pictures as I got older and I didn't understand why... the more I looked the more I noticed. I'm not sure if they were just placed somewhere else or if less pictures were taken... the thing is although I don't really care to remember my junior high years because of bullying and rude children, I wish I saw pictures of at least my family more...

I decided that whether or not the pictures of my earlier teen years are found, I vow to always take pictures with my camera not only for myself personally but for my family too, because not only can my camera create beautiful art, but it can also create memories and capture moments.... moments you can never get back

Here's some photos from Fathers Day

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