Monday, June 20, 2011

Illinois State Univeristy: Unlimited Dance Team

When I had first came to the conclusion I wanted to get into photography I had told my friends and was always willing to do a photo shoot with others:

1. to get experience
2. so people would take me serious

and within a couple weeks I had spoken to my friend Bianca whose apart of ISU UDT (Unlimited Dance Team) and she had asked me to do a photo shoot for her and her girls..... SO OF COURSE I JUMPED ON IT :D

So after the very long wait the time came and just 2 whole days ago I did my first ever photo shoot!! the catch was that because it was summer, a lot of the girls weren't able to make it due to some being seniors, on coming freshmen not knowing about the team or girls simply enjoying there vacation out of town, but did I care??? nope! I would have been excited if just one girl had showed but I was fortunate enough to work with 3 beautiful ladies!

feelings of the day included: nervousness, pumped, shocked (in a good way), happy, excited, curious, and overall proud :)

On this beautiful day one of my friends, Patty, came with to give a helping hand, and man o' man it was definitely a plus to have another fellow photographer to take great pictures on a beautiful day with beautiful subjects, and overall just have fun!

Thank you Emilie, Alyssa and Ceara for being awesome :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. wonderful blog! and definitely great pics! can't wait to look through the rest