Monday, June 13, 2011

Why am I awake?

A couple hours ago I was just at work and I came out.... exhausted to say the least. I make money, yes, BUT it's so very hard to keep up with work and trying to work out and stay in relatively good shape :(

but after speaking to a couple of my friends the fire has been lit under my butt again! why you may ask? because today is the first day of leyden high school cross country practice :) sure it'll be a time trial and probably wont be doing it to not risk getting hurt, but the fact that I can run with a group of people again is such a great feeling since I haven't done it in so long! and I definitely miss my old cross country team so very much....

It's 5am and my body is suffering.... hang in their body only a couple more hours, I promise it'll be worth it <3

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