Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh Baby

I check my email the first day and it just left Pennsylvania...the night before its arrival and its in Ohio... by 3am its made its way through 3 states and found itself in Franklin park IL UPS just waiting to be delivered. 6am strolls around and its left the building for delivery to my house! But of course knowing my luck, it takes 4hours to get to my house!!! when it takes less than 10min to get to Franklin park :(

by that time I had left with my friend Patty to the Shed aquarium to take some photos and such, so after carefully talking my parents through the unboxing and hearing the screaming my parents went through of the shock/ excitement for my package, I had them charge my battery until I FINALLY got back...

when I finally got back I ran to my room and just stared in disbelief.... on the floor to my room in a large box it laid there.

like a monster ready to be tamed, waiting for its owner....
I bought it... the D7000 and a Sigma 50mm 1.4

and O.M.G was it worth the wait and hard earned money! its responsiveness and weight and feel, it's truly is meant for me, and I'm a very happy/ grateful  photographer <3

I really am on my way :')

(well off to finish editing photos from testing my new baby out ;))

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