Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pirates and Whip Cream Pies

So this past weekend I was fortunate enough to take pictures of my adorable Niece and Nephew, Bree and Ian at Pirate Cove in Elk Grove in celebration of there second birthday! I was so excited because I was able to REALLY test out my new camera and lenses and get a good feel of what real life situations will bring me I came to the conclusion of two things.

1. my next investment is a wide angle zoom or prime lens
2. investment after one is to get a vertical grip or flash

After taking hundreds of photos from that day and lots of editing I finally got them finished and was so happy with the end result <3 But then It Dawned on me, if it took me this long to edit around 100 photos what about a wedding!!? hmmm.... maybe that's why they charge so much... well either way thanks Sis for letting me take pictures of the twins AND letting me have a slice of cake :)

*On a side note* My last day of work was Sunday. It was definitely a very bittersweet moment.I will miss everyone there so much, except this one person, and you know who you are if you're reading this! just kidding! I really will miss all the good times we had, whether we were bashing guest about there terrible tips or Vultures in the back whenever there was dead food (mainly me lol)!

But how does my coworkers depart with me leaving? by smacking the Fridays out of me with a whip cream pie! and man o' man were they dead on with the aim, completely caught me off guard and the best part about it? they stole my camera and came around the corner busting out with pictures! BEST way to leave by far :) and with that being said I am definitely looking forward to this party their having for me tonight, these guys were the best really <3

Here's a few from the weekend, Happy Tuesday!

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