Friday, April 1, 2011

The Race :: The Dive

Back in High School I was a cross country runner, during my first meets my main goal was to just complete the race, pacing was key because if you go out to fast you'll run out of gas, and if you run to slow you'll have to much gas to power through at the end, either end of the spectrum wasn't ideal for myself, can't say the same for others. Although my High School days are over and my morning runs still give me that sense of freedom from the world we know today, I have taken on the challenging, demanding, fun, and creative world of photography.

Diving into the world of photography can be a very dangerous and/or rewarding experience. If you dive two outcomes can ultimately happen: you either burn up and fail or succeed. Either outcome doesn't sound too terrible because if you fail its OK, everyone fails and learns from their mistakes, if you succeed then great! you're doing something right.

Getting your feet wet is another term that I've heard where your not sure how far you want to travel down the rabbit hole. by getting your feet wet you can be going too slow and finding yourself moving nowhere or going at the right speed that will help you progress as a photographer. Finding the right path is what I'm looking for whether it be either extreme or something in between. Like my High School days as a runner I'm trying to find the right pace into this field that I truly love.

I appreciate all the people in the Photography field for we've all been a beginner, noob, just starting, and looking for help. anyone who owns a camera and takes pictures is a photographer, most people don't even realize it. It's when you add additional names that puts others in groups and divides us examples being: landscape photographer, professional photographer, amateur photographer, the list goes on! but the origin is that we are all still ultimately photographers looking for ways to be different and creative and get better.

I am a from Chicago. I am new at this. I am a photographer.
the windy city through my eyes and lens

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  1. Anyone can be a photographer. But not everyone can have a lens the size of a football. Love you! <3