Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leyden Track Meet

After the past couple days I realized I've gotten into this cycle of waking up going to class, come home, go to work, come back home after work, shower sleep, repeat.... I hate cycles. I very rarely say the word hate but its true in this instance. I don't like the idea of having a routine to follow because it doesn't make for a interesting day, it gets boring and not very exciting. So what do I do? I ditch class

Sure its not one of the best thing I could have done but I needed to do something different and get out there. This past weekend instead of going to class I went to West Leyden High School to watch some of my old teammates compete at the track meet. When I went I brought my camera of course, with my not so new 70-200 lens but still felt very new especially with finally paying off my dad. The meet went on and I spoke to some of my old friends who have matured and grown and become faster stronger athletes.

While the meet was going on I wanted to practice a couple different kinds of photography, one in particular being "panning photography" which is from my understanding allowing blur to occur  but in a way to show motion is happening with not only the forgroung but back ground as well. I think I got it down pretty well, you be the Judge

Roberto Gonzalez

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