Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beginning: Part 1

After a couple days of thinking about it, I figured why not catch people up to date on how I got started/interested in photography.... and here we go

It all started on June 3, 1991 when a baby was just born in the City of Chicago and named Ethan James Rivera..... fast forward 18 years ;) and I'm at Illinois State University. 

During my first semester of school I partied, went to class, ate lots of food, went to sleep and repeated, for just about a semester. I ended up gaining the freshman 15 in ONE SEMESTER, I also rushed a frat, joined the run club that I barely attended, and I STILL didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Next thing I know its 1 week before coming home for Christmas Break and I'm hung over as usual, but this day was different I couldn't explain it, I woke up went to the bathroom and just stared at my self in the mirror with what felt like an eternity and I couldn't recognize my self, it wasn't me. I realized at that moment I was so hung up on changing for other people and not changing for myself that I just let go and it showed.

2nd semester rolled around and I had some goals in mind. I started to do p90x everyday, run, attend the run club practices and meets a lot more, and eat healthier. Hours turned to days, days into weeks, and before I knew it I went from gaining 15 pounds to loosing 20 pounds in one semester. with all the working out though, I barely went out. I was so exhausted I either slept or went to class and by the end of the year I ended up dropping the frat I rushed. 1 because I didn't have the funds and 2 because the Greek life just wasn't for me especially since I STILL didn't know what I wanted to study/major in and my first year of school was half way done.

So one day before going to class I checked my mail, "junk, junk, more junk" was what was running through my head. Then I saw one little piece of paper that had Mickey Mouse on it. "oh hey, I haven't seen you in a longggg time" was what was running through my head, it was an invitation to attend this meeting at ISU if your interested in going to Florida for a semester and work for Walt Disney World, I was like "ehh, sounds like fun" so I left it in my pocket and after class left it on my desk.

The letter looked similar to this only purple and Mickey waving at ya :)
Later on during the week I was at work talking to my friend Raquel (who I just met) and we were talking about how tired she was, so I asked "how come your so tired??" and she responded "I just got back from Florida, I was on this internship there working for Disney World" right away I was a weirdo saying "whoa whoa, you mean that letter I got in the mail about the Walt Disney World Internship?" "uhhhh yeaaaa.... " was her response.

What she didn't realize was that I took this as a sign that might actually be what I need figure out what I want to do with my life. So I decided what the hell, I'll go to the meeting.

Next thing I know a couple months later I'm driving with my dad down to Florida!

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