Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Conductor

So I had this assignment for my Music class. We had to attend a concert and write a paper on it, straight forward enough, right? Well I decided to add to it by bringing my camera and take some pictures :) 

The night came around for the start of the Jazz Spectacular concert and people were piling in the auditorium, not too many people showed, probably around 100, mostly family members of the show and students doing their projects, like myself. when I first walked in I went to the very top floor, I came by myself since no one seemed to interested in going with me. I decided to bring all my equipment with me but mainly test my new 70-200mm sigma lens I got.... well my dad did, but I'm paying him back! ... Anyways

The show began and I began taking pictures, my first couple pictures came out like a big blur of light, but after a couple quick changes they started coming out great, but then I began to realize these pictures are kind of boring, its something you would normally see at a concert, I wanted to be different and start "thinking" like a Pro. stepping out of my comfort zone I started walking around the whole place like I was a VIP of the concert with my huge camera, well rather my lens that made up three times the size of my entry level slr. No one gave me any trouble while I was walking around though and it felt great to hold my camera and get some really good shots from different angles. 

New Tricks Jazz Quartet
 As the show was winding down I started moving even more effortlessly through the auditorium, like a shadow, people know they're there but pay no mind to it. I watched the conductor earlier in the show and was amazed how he controlled the whole group of musicians so effortlessly, but later there was no conductor but rather a group of musicians simply working together. At that moment I realized I was the conductor of my own piece, I conducted my camera, and if I conducted to my taste and like, my camera would in turn play a beautiful piece. and like the group of musicians that played without a conductor, I too must work together with my camera.

One of the very last pictures I took of the night is one of my favorites...
New Tricks Jazz Quartet
I love this picture not because it's black and white not because of the composition, but because it tells a story of the relationship this Jazz Musician has with his instrument. He conducted his instrument and it played beautifully, I conducted my camera and it returned played beautifully. I am the Conductor.

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