Thursday, April 7, 2011

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE!

My first photography seminar was not only amazing but overwhelming (in a good way) with all the information they threw at me! The whole seminar was from 10am-5pm, 6 hours of information with a 1 hour lunch break. When I had first arrived there I found out that one of high school friends, Kristen, was gonna be there with her Uncle BJ, we all met up and right away hit it off talking photography.

As the minutes were rolling by, more and more people started to pile into the lobby sharing their pictures, stories, camera body information, books, business cards, blogs, it was just a giant network in progress. I know I probably should have taken part in that but I was thoroughly OK with picking my friends Uncle's brain out with information ;)

Once the doors opened to the huge room, people flooded in like there was free Nikon D3s at the other end. I found a nice seat and began learning for 6 hours :) Once one of our last breaks started I went and spoke to Scott Kelby, the man who ran this whole seminar, and thanked him for having this event and telling him how it's my first seminar, nothing to crazy but something always counts, right? plus he signed my booklet he provided us, so that's a plus too ;)

What I noticed though when I turned around was not only mind blowing but encouraging. Unconsciously when I was outside before it had all began I noticed tons of people, with cameras, friendly and talking, exchanging information and chatting, but what I had missed was the most obvious...... age!

There was probably enough young people that looked my age to fill up each of my hands fingers! it was crazy,when I had first come to the conclusion that I wanted to go pro in photography I thought I was behind because everyone else knew what they wanted to do, or thought so back in high school, I suppose that's not the case and that was definitely a boost of confidence!

I am ahead of the game! two more wedding workshops here I come!

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