Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chcolate Milk

If it wasn't the tossing and turning that woke me up from a very long, much needed night of rest, it was definitely my alarm clock. Rolling out of bed I tie my shoes on, throw on my old beat up track shirt, shorts, and I head out the door for my morning run.

The first couple steps outside are always the hardest with my body telling me that it hasn't completely woken up yet, but after a couple minutes I'm feeling better. Today was much warmer than the past couple mornings here in Chicago and getting outside early -before the morning rush smothers the area with nasty pollution- is always a plus. I decided not to use my ipod this time.
  1. Because it wasn't charged
  2. I needed to think about everything and not zone out to Linkin Park and the Foo Fighters
It was rough running without my ipod at first, I felt naked, hearing my breathing, cars passing, birds chirping, but I then zoned out, thinking of everything. I was thinking of school in the fall, where I'm gonna go, if I'm gonna major in Photography or Business Administration or both! and then I needed to manage work and school better.

Then it hit me, my counselor in high school helped me out with the right path to take to complete high school. Maybe she would let me schedule an appointment with her again for some help? I sure hope so... I'm emailing her today to see what she can do :)

After my run I walked inside my home and put together my ultimate recovery drink, chocolate milk. If it wasn't for one of my close friends who had informed me about the benefits to this great drink, I probably wouldn't have started drinking it right after working out!

I feel like chocolate milk is similar to life, simple in yet powerful and complicated with its ability to help you recover after working your body through stress. Maybe that's why we drank that a lot as kids? hmmmm.....

well lets see here, YouTube photography videos? check, Chocolate milk? check, emailing my old counselor? check, figuring out what I'm gonna do with the rest of life? not check, BUT in progress :)

well here's to Chocolate Milk for all that you do! Cheers!

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