Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Gift

Birthdays to me are very special days, they put the Spotlight on that person to acknowledge them when other days the spotlight may otherwise be dim or on someone else. If it wasn't for my parents I would not be where I'm at today, so with my dads birthday today I had to jump on celebrating! 

But the REAL question was what to give my dad for his birthday? A couple months ago before I had came home from Florida my dad had purchased me a new Nikon Digital SLR (on a father/son loan of course) that I had intended on paying him back along with the Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 that he had gotten me too because of the recent price raise of 150$ on the lens. With that being said, I decided to save all the money I had made from being a server till his birthday and pay him back in full (1,500$ to be precise)

The morning of his birthday came and it was the BIG question if I was gonna have enough money. Taking out my calculator I added up what I had made in tips+what I had in my checking account+my pay check+ my tax return= the total I needed to give my dad plus 60$. Not only did I count and add everything up at least 4 times but I flew to Walgreens to get him a card.

When he finally opened his card he had his same serious face on as he always did, but the difference was when he saw the money inside... "is this everything you owe me?"(with a head tilt looking over his glasses) I responded with a simple "yes".... later on during the day he said "I'm impressed, you worked real hard to get that in the time that you did". My dad isn't exactly the most sensitive person when it comes to how a person "should" act on their birthday with gifts, but the fact that he let my hard work go unnoticed was definitely a rewarding experience, and to know that my camera and lens is OFFICIALLY mine is the best feeling in the world at the moment :)

Happy Birthday Dad, thank you for all that you've done for me 

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