Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Optimistic Dress Tie

8am.... ok I still have a couple more hours.
9am.... ok still sometime.
10am........ maybe I should wake up now? nawww
10:30am.... ok I'm hungry let me eat then pass out for a little longer.
11:15am ok lets lay down, BUT figure out what I'm gonna wear.

Black pants, check. Black dress shoes, check. now for a dress shirt.... black one with white pin stripes.... sold!

Now a about the white one....wait a second!!! Jumping out of bed like a mad man. I FORGOT TO PACK MY TIE! And its now noon!

yup I left my tie all the way back home in the Windy City. I was waying out my options; should I have my mom ship them to me? what am I thinking! it wont get here before 2pm! should I go into the interview without a tie? Heck no, I'm going in dressed to impress!

So what do I do? I go to the mall of Millennia of course! not sure what store would carry that "dress to impress" tie I was searching for, so I opted for Express, because well you can't go wrong with Express! except the price maybe... no it's still worth it ;]

so I storm in there on a mission to look for a worthy tie and sure enough I find one because Express doesn't let me down but I guess it goes to show I have "expensive taste" considering it cost 42$ like seriously! that's crazy! that's like.... like a full tank of gas! Geeeeeezzzz

Flying out of the store back home and into the shower and finally finishing getting ready and running out the door, I "safely" made it to Casting by 1:49 with my interview at 2pm. after walking into the colorful building you can't help but be happy or entertained just from all the artwork as your walking up the ramp to the front desk where you check in.

Following the check in I sat comfortably in a red chair and waited..... patiently, yet nervously. There were two other people there waiting for there names to be called ahead of me and they looked just as nervous as me. Why was I nervous though? I'm dressed to impress, have a new tie that looks awesome and I've already worked for the company before! ...but still something was there that made my stomach turn....

slowly one by one the boy and girl get called into the interview. Finally my name was called and that's when the ship hit the iceberg. Not only was I greeted by a recruiter by the name of mark but another recruiter by the name of Anita. TWO recruiters! are you serious! I was gonna keel over! But I held my breathe and dove in!

They were polite, outgoing, nice, and energetic, like every other casting recruiter I've come across and we hit it off well. I answered questions honestly from why I want to come back to Disney, to the "roles" I was interested in and how I would handle certain situations.

 Everything was going well until they told me that unfortunately there was no current attractions positions open, which is what I applied for.... they then asked me if I had any other options of what I could be interested in. I told them character attendant and Photopass, so we spoke about them both for a little while and they soon learned my knowledge of photography but sadly there were no positions open for those two as well.

They finally come to the offer of asking me if I wanted to return to Quick service food and beverage. At first I didn't really know how to answer it without being rude and saying "HELL NO, do you want to see all the scars and burns I have from working in food? do you realize I have a slight permanent stench from all the french fries I've fried!" but instead I told them "As of now with me working part time as a server at a restaurant and previously being a cast member in food and beverage I feel that I want to open the doors more for myself by trying a different role so that I can be a more well rounded cast member with knowledge in different fields." and Mark looked at me and said "I completely understand and respect your honesty".

By the end of the meeting they said that I have been approved for rehire but because there is no openings for Attractions or Photopass currently, I will be put on a waiting list that could potentially notify me anywhere between now and 6 months from now.

With no other questions needed to be asked I left with a bittersweet mind. Sad because I wasn't hired right there and then, happy because at least I was approved for rehire.

I also left proud of myself, not because I showed up looking good, not because I answered everything truthfully and had a positive attitude the whole time, but because I stuck up for myself not being satisfied with food and beverage. Now by all means I'm not saying its a bad role but I seriously want to try something new and see the other possibilities within the Disney Company. So if that means I need to wait a little longer to get back with the company then so be it, I mean I've already waited long enough so a little longer wouldn't hurt and I am confident it will happen soon.

In the mean time I have a new tie to look good with ;)

Stick up for what you want and don't settle for anything less than your goals. 

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