Monday, September 5, 2011

Low on inspiration? all you need is a fill up!

The past couple weeks has been filled with so much going on; from school, to work/paying bills, applying at Disney World, and working on gaining residency... it's a stressful time right now! The one thing that I've been neglecting though is my photography and progressing my business (if that's what you want to call it as of now) I haven't made the necessary time to move forward and that's definitely a problem.

Is it because I've been so busy though? or because I'm nervous? I question myself if I am nervous of rejection that I may not be good enough? or am I nervous that I need a little push in the right direction.... I don't know but I need something!

Fortunately that something happened this past Saturday. I was lucky enough to meet up with two other photographers in St. Petersburg Florida (around 1:40min away from me). Julie, Cassie, Lecia (Julies sister) and I talked about our stories and how long we've been shooting for -of course I was the baby in the group, not shooting for very long- and just our progression of what we want to do in the future and where we are as of now. The vibe I was getting from these two was of motivation and fall backs from experience. I heard lots of good experiences and I also heard some not so good experiences.

What I realized though is that at the end of the day its part of the process and I need to get that through my thick skull. It's NOT gonna be all rainbows and sunshine, but in order to progress you sometimes need to take BIG risk.

Whenever you're low on motivation, inspiration, determination, and any other "ation" I missed that goes along with this, just remember you have others around you with similar interest that are willing to help. I'm now running on a full tank and ready to continue my journey :]

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